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HSV-2 Lesion?

I was exposed to HSV-2 from an intimate partner back in the spring. He was confirmed through a serological test, igm and igg both positive.

I was serologically tested for HSV in August, which was 4 months from the last intercourse exposure (protected) and 3 months minus three days from heavy petting exposure.  I tested negative for HSV1 and HSV2 for both igm and igg.

I have not had any intimate contact with anyone since the last exposure in spring.

Now, in December, I've found two unilateral lesions on the inside of my labia majora. I did not, to my recollection, experience any tingling etc that normally presages an HSV breakout. One lesion looks like a tear or fissure a few milimeters long and  the other looks a tiny hole. There are some white lumps under the flesh (both near and far from the lesion) which I've had for all of my life (doc says this is normal). Both lesions are sore to the touch, but not painful otherwise. There is a little redness in the immediate area. The lesions have persisted for 2-3 days now.

I have three questions:

1) Could this be a fungal infection? I've been told that vaginal fungus can sometimes look like HSV

2) Is it likely that I had a false negative result from the Igm and Igg, even though I waited about 12 weeks or more before being tested?

3) Should I consider a swab test (even though it will be over 72 hours from onset of lesion until I can see a doctor) or get another serological test done (it will now have been nearly 7 months since last possible exposure)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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