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HSV 2 Tested Positive on 05/25/2012

Hello All,

I have a few questions regarding my HSV2 test that I took at Labcorp which tested positive (IgG - 8.47H Index).

Before getting tested for all STD's (tests did not include HSV-1, Don't ask how it was skipped) i.e on 05/25/12, I have not been sexually active for almost three years. My physician noticed that I got a tattoo and he wanted me to get tested for Hepatitis A,B,C and Herpes. The reason I never tested for HSV1 or HSV2 in the past was I never had any symptoms or outbreaks before or as a matter of fact I never had an outbreak yet. After looking at the test, my physician immediately put me on viral medication for a few months. Later I discontinued the medication and recently I had an infection in my sweat glands to which the Dr said it must be due to the HSV2 infection. Now, he has put me on 6 month twice a day pills.

My question is, since the IgG value is too high, should I just believe that I am HSV2 positive or should I consider getting an ELISA or WB test recommended by my physician to confirm that I am very much positive for HSV2 and start dealing with the situation.

Please advise.

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I'd get a 2nd opinion on your sweat gland infection.  not likely it's a herpes issue at all.

your hsv2 igg is over the 5.0 cut off rate. not likely at all that it's a false positive.  

you never, ever have to treat your herpes if you don't want to. if you aren't dating and aren't having bothersome recurrences, no reason at all to treat it.
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Thanks Grace for your reply.

The sweat gland infection came up in Dec 2012 to which I was treated with antibiotics (Bactrim). After I used the medication for 5 days, it went away.

At this time, my physician has put me on Acyclovir for 6 months. In your honest opinion, you don't think I need to take it if I don't see any symptoms or outbreaks?

HSV-2 primarily indicates that the outbreaks happen around the Genital area. Is it likely that HSV2 positive patient can have "red blisters" around the shoulder, chest or around the waist. The reason I ask is I occasionally have small red blisters which are moist initially but dry up over a few days. I wanted to see if this is some kind of outbreak of HSV2 (just not in the genital area)

One last question Grace, do you think it worthwhile to get re-tested for HSV2 and tested for all STD's just to confirm that I did not contract anything else?

Thanks a ton in advance, I appreciate your advise and feedback
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you wouldn't have symptoms on your chest and shoulders - different nerve ganglia than the area that would've been infected with genital herpes.   perhaps a dermatologist would be helpful with your other skin issues?

you never covered your other std testing?
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I got tested for HIV and HSV2, Hepatitis A,B,C. Not others

I plan on going for my yearly physical tests this year. I will make sure my doctor includes all STD tests that can be done with blood work.
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you really need tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea too as well as consider syphilis testing.  
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Thanks Grace. I will get tested for all STD's to make sure that I don't have any surprises.
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