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HSV 2 test.

Hello there!
I have a question.

I just recently got tested for HSV both 1&2.
The igG test was done.

I already know im positive for HSV 1
But my HSV 2 came back 0.91 and that lies in the equivocal slot

I am 5 months post possible exposure.

My doctor just told me i was negative. And to not worry about it.
Is five months plenty of time for antibodies to show up? Should i request a western blot for a later date just to make sure?
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Your doctor is correct. You can discount such a low number, even though it is technically (and barely) in the equivocal range. If you had acquired HSV2 five months earlier, the result would be way higher, probably over 3.5. You don't need a Western blot.

This is your third or fourth question on this forum in the last couple of weeks. This should be the last reassurance you need. Do your best to move on.
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I am pretty sure the test result says <0.91   ... would this be correct?

If so as indicated a few times, you are negative, no need for further testing.
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