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HSV-2 testing window

Here is my situation, and I will try to keep it short despite the emotional trauma I have been (deservingly) going through

On March 2nd, while on vacation in Cetral America, after a stupid drunken encounter with a sex worker, I realized that the condom had broken (thorn at 1/3 from top, but still attached together)

After getting back home, and due to extreme anxiety regarding passing something on to my GF, I ordered a 10 test panel including HIV early detection on March 14th (12 days post exposure) All negative except hsv-1 value at 1.35

HSV-2 at 0.08

From what I hear, the hsv results won't be accurate at least 4 weeks post exposure

To make matters worse, she has developed 2 sores on her lips few days after performing oral on me. According to her this has happened befre and is due to her biting her lips. But this has caused a lot of anxiety and grief on my part.

According to the testing center, the test is 97-99% reliable 4-6 weeks post exposure. Is this accurate? Will I be sure of the results 5 weeks post exposure to put me out of this misery?

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Let's work through this.

First is that if you have HSV1, then you've probably had this since childhood.

If your partner's sores are related to herpes, they will be from her own HSV1 infection also childhood related.

In all likelihood, if you were infected with HSV2, then you'd have had some relevant symptoms within a week. They have have been a small patch of sores but something nevertheless.

The research suggests to be of the order of 99% sure, you need to wait until 16 weeks. Yes sorry it is that long.

However I do not see the chances as being high because they were perhaps 1 in 1,000 to start with and then actually being infected without symptoms is a small chance again.

At 5 weeks, around 60% of people will test positive on an IgG if infected. If you have a clear negative at 5 weeks with no symptoms then yes I think you're getting pretty much 95% sure you were not infected with HSV2.
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Thanks for your response

Yes I did have cold sores as a child and so did she

So from your post I take it is not likely I have passed an hsv-2 infection to her orally?

Her sores started healing after a few days (always red/blackish red in color, never white or yellow) but today (almost a week after sores appeared) she is coming down with a sore throat and fever..

This incident has made me realize how much I love and care about her and the guilt I feel for having potentially exposed her to something is almost unbearable.

I am currently trying to avoid sexual activity and use protection until I get sure results. Which the lab I am using (quest herpeselect through stdcheck.com) claim to be 95-97% accurate 4-6 weeks post exposure
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I do not know why they claim that, Herpeselect (the manufacturer) does not make that claim as far as I'm aware for IgG testing. I wonder if they are making some assumptions regarding combined IgG/IgM testing which I would not personally put much credence in.

I do believe you are overreacting to your partner's symptoms, which you are being overly sensitive about.

A person with oral HSV1 is incredibly unlikely to be infected orally with HSV2.
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Thank you for chiming in. Surely puts my mind at ease to an extent
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I got another test done 5-weeks post exposure and the results as follows:

hsv-1 1.30 positive
hsv-2 0.06 negative

but now we are both having sores on the lips and corners of the mouth. So my question is, how likely would it be that I am asymptomatic for hsv-2 which I passed to my GF which she has now passed on orally to me? Is it possible for hsv-2 to only manifest orally?

it is worthy to mention that I have had occasional burning sensation at the tip of my penis but no leisions or sores what so ever

How confident can I be at the negative results 5 weeks post exposure?

I have a sumilar situation, negativthpv 2 after four months. Did you ever come to a conclusion?
@Larryoya I'm in the same boat right now:/
Wait wouldn't it be accurate after 4 months??
It can take from 3-6 months and sometimes a year.It depends how fast your body is building antibodies and how weell it's responding.
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