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HSV From Strippers or Past Infection?

I was at a strip club and received several private dances from three strippers. One offered me a taste of her alcoholic drink, which she was drinking from a straw. I removed the straw and took a small sip from the bottle. During all dances, I touched them all over their bodies except the vaginas and anus, which remained covered by their g-strings. I also kissed and sucked their breasts and kissed their cheeks, necks and ears. One girl, gave me wet kisses on my neck and bit my earlobes (not hard enough to puncture). There was a fleeting touch of our lips with one girl. I remained fully clothed at all times, but at one point I reached in my pants to adjust my penis with my hand. There was quite hard and vigorous grinding during the dances.

After about three days, I felt slight pain at one point at the base of my penis. I did not see anything visually except perhaps slight redness. This persisted for three days, but then the feeling went away. Have had some mild headache and neck ache symptoms. Also, thigh aches for a couple days.

Testing after 20 days, LabCorp results were:
HSV 1 IgG, Type Spec  32.10
HSV 2 IgG, Type Spec  <0.91

At 26 days, I repeated with LabCorp results:
HSV 1 IgG, Type Spec  31.50
HSV 2 IgG, Type Spec  <0.91

At 25 days, I also took the IgM test with LabCorp results:
HSV, IgM I/II Combination  0.96 High Ratio 0.00 - 0.90 01
**Verified by repeat analysis**
Negative 1.09

Taking into account the activities at the strip club:

1) Does the very high 32.10 for HSV 1 IgG after just 20 days, provide any hint that this is a new infection resulting from the strip club or a past infection? I have never had HSV testing before so don't know my status prior to this episode. I've never experienced any breakouts at all.

2) I understand the unreliable nature of the combined IgM test, but does my equivocal number of 0.96 shed any light on whether this is a recent or past HSV 1 infection.

3) Do the results provide any assurance that I don't have HSV 2, or is it too soon to know? In the case that my HSV 1 is a past infection, could the IgM result point to early signs of an HSV 2 infection from this episode.

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You absolutely did not get hsv1 feom the strip club. Your number at 20 days suggests this is a much older infection. Igm are useless so disregard.
You don't have hsv2 and no way you could've contracted it from the strip club. By the way, contracting hsv from sharing drinks is an old wives tale.
Thank you so much for your reply. What are your thoughts on the persistent headaches and neck stiffness/ache and general achiness symptoms I've experienced that began 1 week after the episode and have persisted to varying degrees for 3 weeks at this point. I've read these could be aseptic meningitis, which are connected to HSV infections. Although, I have no fever or other meningitis symptoms. As well, the brief aches in the back of my thighs. Just coincidental or perhaps some other virus?
I'm betting it has absolutely nothing to do with your hsv1. My bet is stress and worry. I've had so many people here with those types of symptoms. When they finally relax the symptoms go away.
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