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HSV Retest Results

Hello...   I just retested for herpes Type I and II.  My results are below:

March 2008  IgG Type I 1.24     IgG Type II  1.33

October 2008   IgG Type I 1.87  IgG Type II 1.18

September 2010  IgG Type I 1.26   IgG Type II 2.83

I spoke with you in 2008 regarding my results and you believed them to be false positive for Type II.  Why the increase over the last 2 years?  I have been safe since then, no tissue to tissue contact.  Do you still believe my Type II results to be a false positive?

Thank you for your time!
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This is a repost, I apologize, I thought I was in the expert forum.
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we don't comment on posts that are also active in the experts forum. follow up there.  I removed your other post on this forum too.

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