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HSV Risk?

Posted this about a week ago in the expert forum (specifically HIV related, since shot down), but have a new concern over it.  So last weekend some buddies and I were at a hotel during a road trip and ordered a stripper to come by. I'd been drinking quite a bit that night, and during the show the stripper did the "lollipop pick-up" trick where she made me hold a lollipop in my teeth and she picked it up with her vagina. After dancing around a bit, she then came over and shoved the lollipop in my mouth! As I said, in my drunken haze I didn't react correctly and actually crunched on the lollipop and even swallowed some of it before realizing what I was doing!  

So about a week after the above incident I started feeling achy muscles, primarily in lower back/buttocks/legs, and even some joint pain in knees/fingers.  Some upper back and neck aches, but not as bad as in the lower portions.  I'm mostly convinced from the Experts forum and elsewhere that odds of contacting HSV from the encounter described above is low, but last night I noticed what looked like a breakout of whiteheads on my chin and a couple on my cheek. . .close to lips, but not touching them.  Nothing on lips or inside mouth.  I am susceptible to acne breakouts since I have oily skin, and I've definitely been stressing out the past few days.  Still, the sudden whiteheads coupled with the backaches have me worried now about having contracted HSV. Am I wrong to be anxious about this?  Could mere anxiety be the cause of both my muscle aches and breakout?
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The only way to know for sure is to have a herpes test but from what you describe i dont see how you could be exposed to herpes. To contract herpes as an adult, there really needs to be direct contact with herpes and also some rubbing and grinding to force the virus into the nerve.
Now children with a limited immune system is different but as adults its just not contracted that way.
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Thanks.  That helps.  Can't say there was any "grinding", although like I said I did crunch it and don't know if any sharp lollipop shards might have cut my mouth open.  I know, I'm grasping for reasons to be worried....I do plan to test but I can't do that until many weeks have passed, correct?  Until then, I'm just trying my best to relax.
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If you worried about contracting herpes from crunching the lollipop its unfounded. Also saliva contains enzimes that cause a hostle enviornment foreign bodies.
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Update: I am now on Day 13 since the above exposure, and up until now I had not seen any visual outbreaks inside or around my mouth besides the mentioned whiteheads that I'm convinced were just pimples since they cleared up on their own pretty quickly.  However, just today I ran my tongue across my inner cheek and felt a hard bump.  Looking in the mirror, I have a small, black blister (looks like a blood blister) on my inner cheek.  After somewhat managing to calm myself a bit over this matter, suddenly I'm back to panicking again.  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Herpes/HSV-Risk/show/2014391#Would a mouth blister caused by HSV (or any other STD) manifest itself a) as late as 13 days after exposure, and b) look like a black blood blister?  Most pics I've seen of HSV look like larger, white blisters, but I'm really psyching myself out right now....I don't remember biting my cheek, but who knows?   Thanks.
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That sounds like 100% that you bit your inside cheek esp the blood blister type of appearance. Oral herpes is more on the lips and right at the live of lip and face. Inside the mouth are either canker sores (not herpes related) or bit injuries.
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Thanks.  I kind of suspected that myself, and after Googling images of oral herpes none of them look like what I have.  Definitely calming down again...  :-)
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