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HSV Vs Anxiety

8 months ago I had unprotected vaginal sex. A few days later my penis felt irritated.  My buttocks and legs began to ache. A week later and the pain in my hamstrings became very painful.  Unusually, it helped to walk. I had a burning sensation on my penis and in my hamstrings.  This pronounced, especially at night, lasted several days.  The burning sensation ceased in my penis and legs simultaneously.  The leg pain continued for weeks and was replaced with a strange numb feeling for another few weeks, and to this day they feel strange.  At three weeks one doctor, not my usual, he prescribed 1000 mg oral antiviral for 7 days. Although he said I did not have herpes symptoms.  This medication did help a lot but i can't rule out the placebo effect. At four weeks I went to have 2 tiny nodules removed. This became a painful legion that took three weeks to heal.  For the following three month the penile irritation continued.  I tried using canesten and hydrocortosone for a while. Canesten worked once only. I continued to use it for a while with no effect. When the worst of the penile discomfort was over I began to feel tingling in by left buttocks. However, this was two days after cardioversion.  the tingling lasted two days and was replace with prickling sensation in my buttocks, penis, front of my knees and my ankels.  Sitting down was the worst, for a while it felt like I was sitting on thistles. Three months later and that eased.  Today I am left with the weird feelings in the back of my legs and on/off foreskin pain.

I never produced blisters.  I was tested in November and tested negative.  I believe the test was IGM.  the flawed one.  I must check this.

Does this sound like herpes?  Prostatitis? Or Anxiety?

Feel free to ask any questions you need.
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From everything you have said, I don't believe that you have herpes.  The most compelling being, of course, the negative antibody test since adequate time has passed since the contact before you tested.  

You are describing very general discomfort in the lower part of your body, but so many things can cause symptoms like this.  And when a person is anxious about a sexual contact, these symptoms can get blown a bit our of proportion.  

I have no idea exactly what is going on with you - no one has your lab tests or has seen you except your own health care provider, and given your negative antibody test, I hope you will believe what is going on with you is not due to a genital herpes infection.

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Sir From what I read. I don't believe you have herpes. What it does sound like and I don't know if you got this checked from your DR's but. Uti's can cause discomfort in your pelvis, abdomen, lower back, (legs could be aching/painful/acting strange due to the nerves and or muscles in your abdomen/lower back/pelvis being irritated or inflamed .
Common symptoms for uti is "frequent urination, urethra/urination discomfort, sexual discomfort, lower back pain <mostly due to the kidneys becoming infected.

A localized fungal infection in your blood system or pelvis or abdomen.

Nerve/muscle damage to pelvis/lower back/abdomen.

Do you hydrate constantly? Do you drink alcohol, protein shakes, salts on a regular basis? Or a little to much.

I hope this helps and please give feedback to my comment on anything I said.

I myself currently suffer from Urination issues, back pain, Penis discomfort after Ejaculation, Erectile discomfort and Dysfunction.
Plus yay me a sexy ***** last year gave me Genital Warts and then stopped talking to me after a weekend at my place with none stop ******* and hanging out, right after I took her back to her home city.
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And Sir. The symptoms you are discribing in the forum above suggest 95% that you indeed have a UTI (Urinary tract infection)

As well I reread your posting and. You might as well have low blood pressure. Poor blood circulation.

To much protein and not enough H2o in your system can cause muscle discomfort and issues. Cause there is to much fuel but not enough space :) Do you understand that thought? Muscles are like sponges. They absorb. Muscles are like engines they can put out as much power as you want but without the right fuel/lubrication then you're sol on the performance.

The moral of the story is. You're an athletic middle age male who is in shape/getting back into shape.
Just set up a diet, Hydrate a lot, And please stretch, and find a DR you like and trust that knows about men your age.

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Thank you Terri,

I don't know what's going on either.  The worst of it's over.  My own doctor although sympathetic, clinically he wasn't concerned.

CaltheDRlol did mention low blood pressure I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation two months after the incident. Until December I was on 10 mg of bisoprolol which is a fairly hefty dose. And 10 mg of Xarelto.  Currently I am taking flecanide and asprin following a relapse in December.

I wouldn't be so sure that I have a cronic UTI.  I was tested for chlamydia using first drawn urine. A false negative is plausible.  But I have no discharge, no pain during urination and i don't have the urge to urinate regularly.  I do have trouble urinating if I have had to hold it in for a while, but I think this is normal.  I have an appointment in the Hospital next week it may be no harm to see if they will test for chlamydia. I am sure it would be negative.

Terri, I believe that you are correct.  You are the expert after all.  However, emotionally I am struggling not so much with HSV2, but 1.  I will discuss the test results with my doctor, I am sure that will help. A referral for counselling may also help, if necessary.

One of the main reasons for the struggle is the fact the girl I slept with falsely claimed to be pregnant and even joked about having an STI in a bid to make me look foolish.  I was stupid enough to inform her I was having problems down below so she knew I was worried about it as well as perhaps feeling accused. Having blocked her every way possible bar getting the police involved i was contacted by her again.  I won't get into how she was able to contact me again, but she managed to tell me a guy she was dating ended up with a cold sore on his penis as she put it and that he blamed her.  She denied it was her, but it was enough to reinforce my fears again. Perhaps that was her intention, or perhaps it was a tool to keep a dialog going, as with the pregnancy fiasco.

Another reason was the symptoms excruciating leg and *** pain one week after we had sex and a burning sensation in my penis.

It also didn't help that I was working nights at the time and with this I was sleeping 4 or 5 hours of broken sleep, if that.  Then the heart thing...flip sake.

Anyway, that's it, I know what to do from here.

Thank you again Terri.
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You're welcome.  I sure hope you get a clear answer, I know you are worried.

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