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HSV high number question.

Hello. So I got my STD test back,

I have a HSV 1 IGG if 30.4. Can anyone talk to me through on what that means? I have no visable cold sores. I do however have a red bump on my penis head almost fading away. Sometimes it’s more visable in light. But it doesn’t hurt or peel or anything.

Can I have sex still with my girlfriend etc?

Ive had HSV 1 for years now.
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Your score for HSV1 is a firm positive. If you get cold sores, that score reflex s that as it is most often an oral strain.
Great. Last question, that wouldn’t be related to any genital Herpes than correct?
If you get cold sores on your mouth, this is an oral infection. If you have never had symptoms on your mouth or genitals, it’s too hard to say where the infection is. HSV1 is usually oral but can be genital from receiving oral sex.
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