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HSV1 Cold Sore

I'm a 56 yr old male and get an occasional cold sore every few years. I'm in good health, eat right, and exercise daily.  First cold sore was back in 1986 after I got a severe sunburn on lips. Would obviously prefer not to have the virus but it's really not been a big deal.  However, I've had a lot of fatigue over the last 30+ years and was wondering if the immune overload keeping the virus at bay might have been dragging me down all this time. The fatigue and feeling bad a lot of the time has been a big downer in my life and cost me personally/professionally.  Note that I had all blood work done 8 or so years ago and was positive for HSV1 like I already knew (neg for HSV2).  I recently read an article about a Paris study regarding the varicella vaccine (chickenpox) and the HSV virus. While it was a small study, they reported very good results in reducing frequency of HSV breakouts in participants who were given the varicella vaccine.

A couple of questions:

1. While HSV and chickenpox are not the same herpes virus, could it be plausible that the vaccine could boost ones immune system enough to actually keep the HSV from reactivating? I'm actually more interested from a standpoint of feeling better most of the time.
2. Were any (or are they in the process as we speak) of doing followups to this limited study done between 2005 and 2011?
3. What's the best reported over the counter remedy for cold sores.  

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What you experience is not usually the case with hsv. Not to say it's impossible but it would be rare.
Unfortunately there isn't any money in these studies. Especially for hsv1.
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