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HSV1 Concern

My sister had a visible cold sore the other day which I only noticed after she repeatedly touched her lip.

My concern is that we were sharing a bag of lollies and she obviously wasn't washing her hands every time she put her hand in the bag.

Am I at risk of contracting a cold sore? There is so much conflicting information online. I'd just like to have this clarified.
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No, the only way you'd get it is if you kissed her lips.

Her touching her lips, then reaching in the bag, and you reaching in the bag, etc., allows a lot of time and air for the virus to die. Even if you had touched something she touched and then touched your lip, the virus would have too much exposure to air to survive.

This is assuming you don't have it. About half the adult population has hsv1, and about 90% will never get any symptoms, so it's possible that you have it and don't know. If you have it already, you can't get it again. If you don't have it, you won't get it from this.

The only way to get oral hsv1 is from direct skin to skin contact, like kissing.
Thanks for your reply.
3 days later and I have developed a very sore throat and 2 small “sores” in the middle of my upper lip. Have organised a Doctors appointment for a swab. No liking the look of things. Very disappointed in my sister for being so unhygienic.
Did you kiss her?

If you didn't, whatever you have isn't from her. Also, just as you weren't aware on how hsv1 is spread, your sister may not be either. Many people aren't.

Are you sure that what your sister has is hsv1? Maybe this is something that isn't actually hsv1.

Ask your doctor to do a type specific PCR swab on it. That's the best way to get hsv diagnosed. Not every doctor will know what this is, but every doctor should be able to do do a culture on it within the first 48 hours of it appearing. When is your appointment? The sooner you get in, the more likely the culture will be accurate.

If this is herpes, it's not from your sister. Sharing a bag of candy does not transmit herpes.

I think lollies are a UK candy. If you're in the UK, you probably won't be able to get a blood test, but ask for a type specific IgG blood test. If yours is negative now and positive later, it's a new infection. If it's positive now, it's an established infection. It takes at least a few weeks to test positive.

Remember that you always have the right to stand up for yourself. If you weren't comfortable sharing the bag of lollies, you could always get a couple of bowls, and pour some in each. In the age of covid (which you should also ask your doctor about), this is a smart idea.
In Australia so should have access to the blood test (as I’ve had it before-negative)and swab. The appointment is today.

My sister is a nurse and I assume would be very aware of how viruses are transmitted, especially now from working in the pandemic.

And no I did not kiss her.

I was fine sharing the bag until I noticed she was touching her mouth repeatedly. I wasn’t having the best day and I’m usually very aware of things like that but that day I just missed it. She has a history of cold sores and from that I never share drinks with her, utensils etc as a precaution. I understand it’s unlikely transmitted via food (despite most other sites claiming it can be) but to have symptoms for the first time ever, only after being in contact with her is very overwhelming.
Oh I'm sorry for the mistake in your location. I'm glad you're able to get the blood test. That will help a lot. Keep in mind that the HSV1 IgG misses 30% of infections, and we have no way of knowing if yours is one missed. It's just a flaw in the test.

Let us know what the doctor says.
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