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HSV1 Presents Genitally

Could someone verify for me that I can contract HSV1 from my husband, who gets cold sores, genitally?  He seems doubtful of that fact and is saying that I've had herpes for 7 years (the length we've been married) and just didn't know it.  

Fyi, my first outbreak was insanely painful, after 10 years (the last time I had sex with anyone who wasn't my husband) wouldn't my body have either had an outbreak or been able to handle the virus to the point that the first outbreak wouldn't have been so amazingly bad?  Because that's the scenario he is proposing.  Even when I had been tested for HSV for the last three years and had it come up negative.

Just trying to determine if I'm being bullied here.  Thanks.
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You can contract hsv1 genitally thru oral sex.

I'm confused about your genital herpes - could you please post some more details about it including when it occured and what testing you  had done? thanks!

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I had a full blown herpes outbreak on my vagina, verified by a culture taken by my doctor.  My husband has HSV1 and occasionally gets cold sores on his lip.  

Is it possible that I contracted HSV1 via oral sex with him so that I have the outbreak on my vagina, but it is still HSV1 (and not 2), i.e. I get HSV1 outbreaks on my vagina even though it is HSV1 and not 2.  That essentially is my first question.
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Was your lesion culture just hsv+ or was it specifically typed as hsv1 or hsv2 ?

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