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HSV1 flare up and newborn

my daughter just delivered a slightly premature baby (5.6lbs and healthy).  I visited them in the hospital, kissed the baby (never on the mouth or nose bc it's germy), went home and the next day felt the symptoms on my lip of yet another fever blister.  Started Acyclovir 400 mg twice a day.  Blister never truly developed but as I had my standard mild flu like symptoms, I stayed away from them for five days.  Symptoms passed.  Went to see them.  The very next day another tingle slightly to the right of the original spot.  I've has this happen before too.  Back on Acyclovir.  I noticed that other people seem to take this med more often- 4 to 5 times a day.  My daughter had a C section and could use my help but I don't want to endanger this tiny baby.  I am a responsible hand washer.  I even bought masks.
Should I double up on the acyclovir, avoid going to my daughter's house?  I had a whooping cough and flu vaccine two weeks ago and I wonder if those triggered this flare up.  Maybe just the stress and excitement of the early birth too.
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All you need to do is keep an active cold sore away. Don't touch it and all will be fine. I'd suggest using one of those cold sore discreet bandages to cover it up. Then all that needs to stay away from baby is your lips. That's annoying enough, but no reason why you can't be in the house, bathing, holding, cooking, cleaning etc.
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