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HSV1 old or new infection

I'm a male who recieved unprotected oral sex on may 19, 2010. I became very frantaic immediatly and started imagining and feeling burning sensation around my groin, I saw my urologist after 8 days who assured me its not herpes but he did a complete std tests. the tests were done 13 days post my potential infection day, all tests came negative except HSV1 herpe select IGG came 3.53 but also an IGM test was done which came back 0.98.
in 6 weeks the retset of IGG came back 3.63 and in six months 4.57 all the while HSV2 was negative.
my questions:
1. does the IGM of .98 prove it is a new infection, but how could the IGG be already 3.53 after 13 days and IGM only .98 , I thought the IGG needs at least 21 days to be measurable and then the IGM should show positive not only .98
2. does the increase from 3.53(2 weeks) to 3.63(6 weeks) to 4.57 (6 months)  in the IGG means it is going up due to new infection or the numbers can fluctuate in an old positive HSV1.

I keep getting continous burning sensations in my genital area for the last six months but no sores or lesions or scratching

thankyou for your help
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IGG is the best test for HSV1 and often isn't positive until 12-16 weeks.

IGM is problematic because it has :
many false positives:
1) it can be elevated even in recurrance
2) it can be elevated when cross reacting with other viruses even with HSV2.
many false negatives:
as many as half of those with positive cultures proving HSV1 have a negative IGG

It's worthwhile to go get rechecked for balanitis or other problems if one has persistent penile discomfort.

-enoch choi, md
palo alto
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it is absolutely meaningless.
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just sensation, what about IGM 0.98 no recent infection
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you had hsv1 prior to the encounter as most adults do. the changes in your hsv1 igg levels is actually meaningless.   values will fluctuate due to many reasons but every single one of yours was Positive from the gitgo.  

have you treated for fungal infections at all? do you have redness and rashes or just a sensation of burning?


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IGM is a worthless test to run for HSV.  Doctors that run that test for HSV don't know how far off accurate that test is.  First of all take some time to read


This goes into a lot of detail about IgM testing and sadly why it is off and useless for HSV.  In your case it is impossible to tell when you were infected since you didn't have previous negative testing.  Given the testing time frame chances are this is an old infection.  Most adults have HSV-1 in the form of coldsores which we got as a kid from a kiss from our parents, grandparents, or that hot babe in school.  The number you are seeing isn't a gague of how much antibody you have.  it is just how sure the test is.  That number will change even if you take the same blood sample and run it 10 times.  

My suggestion is call off the S&D (Search and Determine) efforts.  Chances are you have HSV-1 oral and not genital. Most people don't know they have HSV-1 because they can't remember having a cold sore.  You are irritating yourself.  I speak from experince...
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