I had a blood test recently and the report mentions i do not have any STDs except HSV1.
I have recurrent onset of blisters around my lip line, both upper and lower (mostly once in three months).
I get rashes on my forehead when exposed to Severe Sun or Wind.
I am a little scared about the HSE (Encephalitis) caused by HSV1.

Please let me know if there are tests that could determine if the HSV1 is affecting the brain to cause HSV1.
Are there any precautions to stop the effect of HSV1 from causing encephalitis.

I am really scared about the same given the potential effects it can leave on a person.
Please help
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no reason to think you have herpes encephalitis.

not too unusual for hsv1 to show up on the forehead either.

have you talked with your provider ever about having herpes antivirals to take when you have active symptoms as well as to take when you know you will be in strong sun to help prevent recurrences?

http://www.ashastd.org/herpes/herpes_learn_oralherpes.cfm  has more info on oral herpes for more reading.

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Thanks for the information Grace.

Could you please tell me if there are any precautionary measures to stop from getting HSE or any tests to determine if a person has HSE.

A little scared about it, since i dont want to have a surprise of the same, so stressing on it..

My apologies for any irritation caused by my questions..
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you don't need to worry about encephalitis from a well established herpes infection dear.
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Sorry for being a thorn in the flesh but please tell me what does well established herpes means.

I tested positive for HSV1 recently.
I have had those rashes on forehead, 3 months back and the blisters on the lining of the lip, 2 and half months back and now.

Does this mean its a well established Herpes since its only 3 month old.

Sorry for being such a stupid to constantly bother you, but i just wanted to know since i am scared about encephalitis
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it means you've had it for over a month.
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Thank you Grace..
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A comfirmation question,

My wife doesn't have HSV but i am worried that i might transmit to her.

Could the HSV1 accidentally passed from me to my wife trigger an HSE in her.

If yes, could you please tell me the precautionary measures/medicines that are needed to stop the HSV transfer and also the trigger of HSE, in case of any chance.

Also, similar to HSE is there nothing to worry about Herpes esophagitis in well established herpes
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why are you so concerned about hse?  it's pretty rare and really not worth this much worry.
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