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HSV2? Zoster live vaccine? PX immune depressant

I am a male-68  yrs old-married for 34 years faithful wife passed 10 yrs ago-1 partner for 8 years then  Oct 10 2013 overnight-one partner-then November.  different partner-one night--I had Never tested positive or had symptons before or after.  November partner called told me she had hsv 2 (yes 2)diagnosed by oral swab of sore in mouth-This was done at a VA hospital. (We had had oral and vaginal sex) swab taken 14 days after our sex.  She has had No other outbreaks before or after.
I was tested immediately at primary doctors(Dec. 5)-ran a (I am copying off labcorp results sheet) Herpes Simplex Virus I/II IgG  test  (Definitly says IgG)  result was 5.3  His assistant said I had Herpes I and Herpes II-doctor would not confirm or deny and sent me to specialist (Infectious Disease) in Seattle (3 hr drive) tested December 18 through Dynacare Northwest-  results: HSV IGGI  <.91, HSV IGG2  <.91  (negative)   HSVI 1/2 IGM  2.25 (H)   THEN on Jan 21st--both igg2 tests <.91  HSV1/2 IGM 1.72 (*)   physician states in letter:  Your repeat testing is negative.   No further testing needed at this time.
On Nov. 13th I had a Herpes Zoster Vaccine -Zostavax Vial (Flu, hepA& whooping cough shots)  On Nov 20  prescribed to me Medrol  dosepack Steoid for rapid heart rhythm-100 + at rest (anti inflationary&Immune Depressant) -  
So?  how about cross reactivity  - Zoster-weakened live vaccine-antibodys-as the culprit for both my Nov partner and me - testing positive??  or ???   What test should we both take to confirm or deny exposure to HSV2 and when?    (maximum time after exposure before antibodies are detectable)

Any answers would be very very appreciated-I seem to be getting double  talk from physicians??
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Perhaps  double talk is not the correct word.   I am old so it must be my inabiity to understand or to ask the questions properly?   The Drs'  don't think it is a big deal.   The lady I met in November and I sure consider it a big deal and have not had sex with each other or anybody else on the chance that one or  both of us have  HSV2-- some of the ones in our age group are responsible-I apologize for the ones who are not?
Anybody have any thoughts?    Oh-I guess the last question I had on my origional request is seroconversion time?
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got a e-mail saying I had 3 comments-all I  see is what I have said--no other comments?   Does anybody have any answers for me?? Thanks Joe
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Actually we wern't very responsible either-unprotected sex--dumb!
any answers or comments highly appreciated-also letter says  I have six comments--where are they??
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since you had unprotected sex, make sure that you have also followed up with proper std testing at the proper times if you haven't done  so already. you can get tested for chlamydia , gonorrhea, trich and ngu any time after 1 week post encounter.  syphilis after 6 weeks. herpes, hiv and hepatitis after 3 months.

your herpes testing in january was a bit early to be the most accurate but that said, odds are if you were infected in november, you would've had obvious symptoms since you are testing negative for hsv2 and hsv1 both.

all the comments you are getting emails about are your own replies to this post :)

at this point, is it possible to talk to your partner from november?  ask her if she's ever tested for herpes prior to this . at this point all your testing is negative so it's far more likely that she had hsv2 prior to you and never knew it.  

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Dear Grace:  Thank You for your response.  For me:  12/5/12-HSVI I/II  IgG test-5.3     12/18/12-HSV I/2 IGM-2.25      1/25/13-HSV 1/2 IGM-1.72  Those are all positive tests--The specific HSV IGG1 and HSV IGG2 tests have been negative both times they were run-12/18 and 1/13

-So all my testing has not been negative--I know complicated. November Partner and I are in contact every day or two--At this point--neither one of us are concerned with who or where we may have gotten it.   WE WANT TO KNOW  what are your  thoughts??  what test or tests-we should both get to absolutely confirm or deny that we or one of us has HSV2 And  when would be the best time to take those tests to eliminate the possibility of antibodies not showing up yet in the tests-(seroconversion)-false negative-and to eliminate the chance of false positive???  

I apologize  for my Emotions and hope you have empathy for our  frustration--especially considering the length of time you have been subject to the problem yourself.

Thank you for all your help in advance and also for all the help you have given all the other people on this  site.  If more people were like you we would not have all the problems we have as a country.  

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herpes igm testing is greatly flawed testing and not recommended for use on adults by the CDC.  A + igm test is pretty much meaningless.  

your partner has had hsv2 prior to you.  she had a + lesion culture and false negatives are the issue with that, not false positives.  
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Dear Grace:   Thank you for your response.   Makes sense.  

So--If my November partner and I both had a HSV IGG2 test through Lab corp?? this coming June-(no sexual  contact other than the one time).   We could expect a Plus test for her and a Negative test for me--Unless-the VA really botched her prior test and through a very slight chance I seroconverted late??        

Of course if both our results  were the same then we could participate in adult fun wthout concern about giving our partner a problem.

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why are you retesting in june?  

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Because I question the results of my positive and negative tests-and the seroconversion question.

I also question the test done at va for my november partner based on my employment many years ago at the va and what I saw there during the viet-nam war.   And also the possibility of honest mistakes.

Frankly I question the competance and motivation of many of the labs and the doctors  etc. involved in the herpes testing field--misinformation prevalent in the medical community and the lack of keeping up on current science-actually even some of the "current science" is questionable as well.      Actually this is nothing more than another symptom of our pathetic society and what we have allowed it to be become.  

Herpes 2 has some simalarities with some of the "diseases" that the drug companies have invented--we used to call it heart burn--concept.

There are many std/sdi whatever-a lot worse.   But we have been taught it is a horrible, horrible thing - and some of us can't bear to think that we might pass it on to some one else--so abstinance is the best policy-no matter how much it hurts-

That is why we will be retested--unless you think June is too soon??

Any thoughts Grace??   Again thank you for your help-for all of us.

Sincerely,  Joe
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Dear  Grace:  Just read your comment too another scared person who had a very high result from a HSVI/II IGG TEST.   "doesn't really mean anything-could have both I or II or neither--can get cross reaction with other viruses-really don't recommend it anymore"  
we also know that the IGM is worthless as well??   Well a %^&# of the doctors, labs -don't know or don't care and don't think they need to know what the *&^% they are doing. (I am including the specialists-the infectious disease speciaists)   AND BECAUSE OF IT WE SUFFER!!

I am doing everything I can not to go completely nuts over this issue-frankly - if I believed in suing--boy would I.  --However-if anybody wants to start a joint suit--I'll join.

Thanks again Grace--your thoughts??    

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really no reason to doubt your partners + lesion culture.   She can seek out herpes igg blood testing herself if she wants to confirm her hsv2+ status. even though her culture was oral, odds are she also has hsv2 genitally.

if you want to repeat your testing, doing so now is fine, you don't have to wait until June.  4 months post encounter is enough time for the vast majority of people to seroconvert and no reason to draw this out any more.  
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