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HSV2 Auto Inoculation on Hand and Chest & Bed sheet transmission

Hello. I have a few questions I can't seem to find the answer.  I have not been tested yet, but please answer my questions as if I'm HSV2 positive.

I had an encounter at a massage parlor where the girl climbed on top of my boxer short area (we were both nude) and grinded as if having sex.  One week later I had flu like symptoms with shingle like tingling round my genital area, anus, torso and face.  I have an itchy rash on both inner thighs and on my stomach below my belly button. I've had these symptoms for 3 weeks. They seem to come and go and I will get one red itchy pimple on my mid thigh as well.

Today (4 weeks after exposure) a small, similar rash showed up on the back of my hand right near my thumb and on the left side of my chest. When in the shower, I often cross my arms across my chest while standing in the water.  The rash on my chest is exactly where the back of my hand (with the rash) touches my chest when I cross my arms.  

My questions are below.
1. If I have HSV2, how long before I stop auto-inoculating as the rash appears to have spread to the  back of my hand and chest.
2. If this is HSV2, what are the odds the rash will return on my chest and/or hand.
3. If the herpes rash does not return to my chest/hand, will I still have asymptomatic shedding from hand/chest as I'm very worried about my hand passing the virus to others.
4. Finally, I sleep in the nude and during what felt like my peak rash, itch, time (one week after symptoms started)., I got out of bed and only 5 minutes later my 8 year old kid crawled in my bed and played with the iPad only wearing underwear for probably 30 minutes before I realized they were in my bed. A week later my kid complained of leg groin pain.  I checked the leg and saw a red pimple in the left groin area and it was gone the 2 days later.  This has me concerned as my rash will turn red, itch and tingle and then go back to skin color (or almost disappear). I'm very concerned my kid caught HSV2 from my sheets due to me sleeping nude and they getting in the bed only 5 minutes after and staying there for at least 30 minutes. I know experts say this is not possible, but I'm concerned as kids have much thinner skin than adults and my kid was only in underwear and I sleep in the nude so massive exposure to the bed sheets and I've read HSV2 can live for 8 hours outside the body.
5. Do doctors still answer questions on this site?

Thanks for answering questions.
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I'm not an expert here auntijessi will help you out more Monday. To calm things down, herpes is not transmitted through fabric. It is transmitted skin to skin. As far your encounter, I really doubt it herpes! You have this going on for 3 weeks and also in different locations. Go get seen, it maybe just a rash and it could be easily treated. I know we tend to freak out but for peace of mind go get seen asap. Also while you're there test yourself for any std.
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I totally agree with roefa. You aren't autoinoculating yourself through sheets, in the shower, etc. The skin on your hands, chest, arms, etc., are too thick to infect with herpes, so what you are seeing isn't likely to be herpes. If it were this easy to autoinoculate, we'd all have herpes all over our bodies.

If you got herpes from her grinding on you, you'd have genital herpes. This wouldn't cause tingling on your chest and face. Herpes infects nerve groups. Genital herpes infects the sacral ganglia, which affects the boxer shorts area, meaning you'd only get symptoms in that area. While you might feel tired, get a headache, etc., that's from your body fighting a new infection. You wouldn't feel tingles and such anywhere else.

If a child has genital herpes, it means the child has endured inappropriate sexual contact with an adult. As roefa said, the only way to transmit hsv is through direct skin to skin contact - mouth to genital, genital to genital, anal to genital.

I've had hsv2 for 15+ years. I never had any concerns about my nieces and nephews sharing my bed when they were younger.

I don't know what you have - a fungal infection maybe, but you need to be seen. It's been 3 weeks, and that's long enough. A fungal infection would be super easy to spread to a household member. You do yourself a disservice when you try to self-diagnose and ignore other possibilities. Often, you suffer longer than necessary.

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Thanks for your response.  It has only been 4 weeks since the potential infection.  Will probably get an IGG test in a few days and follow-up in 2-3 weeks.
Listen, we don't require much here, but we do ask that people read our responses. You don't have to believe us, but we ask that you at least read it and take it in.

You have something going on that you think you've passed to your kids. This needs a doctor's attention if it's as you explain. It's NOT herpes, and you can get all the IgGs you want, but you really need to get this checked out before it spreads on your kids like it's spread on you.

You could all have impetigo, for example, and that needs an antibiotic to clear up. Get checked by a doctor. At least get your kid checked out.
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