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HSV2 Initial Symptoms

Hello all. Exactly 2 weeks ago I had condom protected vaginal intercourse with a female friend of mine. Not to be graphic but it was “2 different penetrations”. 9 days later she got tested for all STD’s and she came positive for HSV2. From what I read condoms don’t protect all that much with respect to HSV2. Since I became aware of her status I must admit I’ve been on the lookout for tingling and lesions. At 14 days should something have appeared by now? BTW I do have a tender left inguinal lymph node and a neck lymph node as well. What are my risks of acquiring HSV2? Is it too early to get tested at 2 weeks?
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The chances of you getting herpes from a 1-time, protected encounter (even if you had sex with her twice) are really slim.

Have you ever been tested for herpes? Do you have hsv1 already? If you do, your first hsv2 outbreak wouldn't be a primary outbreak, and may not be bad. Since you used protection, and I'm assuming she didn't have any symptoms at the time, you'd likely have more than a couple of tender lymph nodes.

How was she tested? Did she have symptoms? Was it a blood test? I ask because if she had symptoms that they cultured, you could be her source. If she had an IgG blood test, she's had it prior to you. If she had an IgM blood test, it is an inaccurate test and she should get an IgG test.

You can test now - ask for an IgG type specific blood test - and then again at 4 months. If you are negative now, I'd be very surprised if you were positive later.

You can read more on all this here - https://westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/
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Hello anxiety got the best of me, I tested negative for HSV2 at day 16 post exposure.  
Well, that's a good thing - it means you didn't have it prior to this encounter. Chances are really good that you won't later.

Is this a relationship you'd like to pursue? If it is, it's very possible for you to remain negative. If she does nothing, and you avoid sex during outbreaks, you have about a 5% chance of getting it per year. If she takes daily suppressive meds OR you use condoms, it's about a 2-3% chance per year. If she takes meds AND you use condoms, then it's about a 1-2% chance per year. (Chances are higher of a woman getting pregnant while using the pill or when using condoms.)

If you aren't sure about pursing a relationship with her, don't let herpes be a factor. This may have been a one-time thing - I don't know. If intentions are different, I just wanted you to have the info. :)
Thank you so much for your help.  She’s a cool gal, I certainly enjoy her friendship. She was caught by surprise with this news. She had no idea she had HSV2. I’ve been her support. This has brought us closer.
Hi. After 3 months I retested and was negative for HSV2.
Great :)

I don't know what the status of your relationship is with your friend, but I hope you are both doing well! Thanks for the update with your results.
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Well after I had sex with someone with HSV2 heres what happened to me:

Penis tip tingling
Balls felt sweaty/sticky/heavy
Penis skin felt numb in some spots
Soreness in neck
Lymph node swelling in armpit
Bump in pubic hair
Itching in genitals/anus
Severe constipation
Random nerve burning throughout body
Lower back pain
Penis burning at tip after pissing/ejaculation
Itching inner thighs when walking

All started after less than 5 seconds of exposed sex with a female.  
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Protected intercourse?
The condom broke.
I'm really not trying to be nasty here, but there isn't a single STD that would give you all these symptoms. Please note that RainyDay2 has not tested positive for herpes, even outside of the window period.

RainyDay2, please do not discourage people from entering into a relationship with someone with herpes with the idea that you have it. You do not. I don't know if you've yet had a prostate exam, or looked into other possibilities for your symptoms, but they are NOT herpes, and it's not fair for you to scare someone like this.

90% of people with herpes don't even know they have it, like backpain182's friend. Yes, obviously 10% do get symptoms, but those people test positive. The vast majority of people who do get symptoms do not have long-term, lingering pain.

Please quit this campaign.

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