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HSV2 Positive Diagnosis - No Clinical Signs/Symptoms


I recently tested positive during a routine STD screening (general doctors appointment, no signs or symptoms) for HSV2 through a herpes select ELISA type specific IGG, the numerical value was 1.9.  I then received confirmatory testing through the Western Blot at University of Washington, and it came back as positive as HSV2 confirmatory. To my knowledge, I have never exhibited a sign or a symptom as it relates to an HSV2 infection and have gone back through my last 4 sexual partners (females over the past 3.5 years) to notify them and ask them to be tested and all of them have tested negative.  (I am a 36 year old, single, heterosexual male.)

My physicians have essentially said that even though I test and retest positive, that I am in fact negative and that I should not take suppressive therapy or treat it in any way.  Additionally they have indicated that I do not have disclose that I am positive to any potential partner.  My primary care physician, stated - "if you didn't have this test result and I asked you if you had HSV2, you would say no, so the answer is no."  

My concern is the misinformation that abounds on the internet as it relates to HSV2 transmission.  Both of my physicians have stated subclinical shedding isn't possible in the absence of signs and symptoms, but I have read information that states the exact opposite, including clinical trials related to antiviral therapy, one conducted at UW by Dr. Christine Johnson (http://www.medscape.org/viewarticle/756557)  

I am of course going to inform any partner going forward that I test positive and allow them to make the decision.  However, I am trying to clear up the questions that surround the information I am getting from my own physicians and if you think that I should seek an additional opinion from another physician or any thoughts you may have on this situation.
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If you draw blood test specifically for herpes and it is confirmed positive then you do have herpes regardless if you ever had outbreaks or any symptoms. I don't think your primary physician is an ob gyno since he made such ignorant statement relating the virus and transmission. Protected Sex is strongly advised and yes suppressive therapy will reduce transmission.
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I am a male, so obviously not an OB/GYN.  Also, ELISA and Western Blot test for antibodies, which mean exposure, from my understanding and reading, not necessarily active infection.  Which is what I am trying to understand in more detail.  Since HSV2 isn't bloodborne, the only diagnosis is  through clinical examination from what I am learning?
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you paid to post to Terri on the herpes expert forum. wait for her response and follow up there :)

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I quote "The presence of antibodies against herpes simplex means an individual is currently infected with the virus. A positive antibody test does not indicate merely that one has been “exposed” to HSV."
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let's let Terri handle this since the poster paid to post her.  thank you.
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I am glad you can Google NY Times articles, Doublestandard.  I understand the research and virology far better than you are aware and as I indicated, I am aware of the implications of transmission.  If you'd like to offer support as I seek information- that's acceptable, snippets of others work is not.
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