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HSV2 how did I get it??

I was recently diagnosed with Hsv2 genital herpes. I had an outbreak and had a positive swab and 2 mos later it showed up in my bloodwork positive. I was negative before this. I haven't had any sex partner in nearly 5 yrs prior to the outbreak and all partners were oral sex only. (Hsv2 I realize can't be contracted that way, it's very rare.) I had one sex partner for a few months leading up to this outbreak (only vaginal sex partner). I was with another man once during this time frame and I had only given him oral and hand job and he touched me briefly down there after he finished.(I've read it doesn't contract from hands either?) My vaginal sex partner claims he was tested before me and after my outbreak and came back negative. I'm not promiscuous and had only one vaginal sex partner. What gives? Is somebody lying?? How did I get this horrible lifelong disease?
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Also, my only sex partner and I had unprotected sex several times.
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Although lifelong, you are most likely not going to find this a horrible disease.
Did you have sex within the week prior to the outbreak?
Was the swab properly typed for HSV1 and HSV2 using PCR (or by culture but that takes a week)? Or did you get the swab result positive for HSV from culture within 2 days?
What was your IgG result for HSV2 when it became positive? Were you also positive for HSV1?
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Hi fleetwood20! Yes, I had sex 3 times with my partner the week prior to the outbreak. The most we ever had sex in one month. (We had sex 2 weeks prior to the week we had sex 3x as well) Normally we would just have sex once or twice a month for the 3 months prior to this month. The very final time we slept together was 4 days or so prior to my outbreak. He finished in me and I was on my period. (we never tried this before) My period ended and the outbreak started. All sex was unprotected except our very first time. Not sure what culture they did for the swab, but it did take a week to return results. I am negative for Hsv1 completely. My IGG result for Hsv2 when positive (2 mos after outbreak) was 1.22. I know I definitely have herpes because I experience a tiny blister or 2 or 3 after itching once a month or so after my periods and it usually disappears after a couple weeks or so. Also the guy who briefly touched me with his hand after touching himself was 34 days prior to my outbreak if he is any factor.
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The vaginal sex partner has HSV2. Although they may claim to have tested and be clear, they probably did not test for herpes as it is not standard or potentially had the wrong test if they happened to.
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Yeah, he is claiming he signed to get tested for herpes before me and after my outbreak 2 months later he got tested specifically for it and is claiming hes negative. He's had no symptoms neither has he said his exes never had any problems. I dont know if he's lying about getting tested or his results or just isnt showing bc he never had an outbreak. I think if I was carrying it first, having unprotected sex so close to my outbreak he would have had to get it off of me. And hes still had no problems. Doesn't make sense.
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It makes sense, he is the carrier, no doubts there.

He'd show you negative paperwork if he was that confident. He may even be having the wrong tests for herpes.

Once infected, many people do not experience outbreaks that frequently.
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