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HSV2 on face, on bridge of nose, outbreaks becoming more frequent

I've got genital herpes about 12 years ago (despite using a condom), at the time it was misdiagnosed and I unfortunately also spread it to a spot on the bridge of my nose. For the first few years I had very frequent outbreaks in the genital region, and very seldom would get an outbreak on my nose.

Recently, in the past two years, the genital outbreaks have become very seldom, but I seem to be getting the outbreaks on my nose quite frequently, almost every month or two and sometimes just as one is healing, another will start. The outbreaks on my nose also seem to be "moving", as in they effect different spots that have not been effected in the past, (which I thought after all this time was unlikely to happen).

This is really starting to mess with me and cause problems in my life, because it is right directly on my face and often looks really nasty.

My question is,I guess, why after all these years is it really starting to attack my face, and worse than it ever did until recently?

Any help would be much, much appreciated.

Thank you
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Are you on any antivirals?
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I have never heard of such a case however I don't reject your claim did you get it cultured a igg type specific?
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Hi, you cant spread genital hsv to your nose so in all likely hood one of the area outbreaks are not herpes. How did you test positive for herpes and what type is it?
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I spread it to my forehead after 7 years on my leg both were confirmed HSV2 with a DNA swab. Both respond well to Valtrex when I take it. I knew what it was right away because it had the same pre-outbreak sensations in the nerves as the virus rides those nerves to the skin. I found my outbreaks got worse when I had a Vitamin  B-12 deficiency as well as Vitamin D once I took both of those my outbreaks went back to normal.  
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