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HSV2 real incubation period

I'm a male HSV2 positive

I had protected condom sex with a HSV2 Negative female

I'm not on meds, I'm not on meds

It was doggystyle to limit/avoid any skin contact in that area.

I wore boxers with my penis pulled over and a T-Shirt, which I later pulled over my neck.

I was not having an outbreak or any shedding symptoms.

It lasted 5-10 maybe 15 mins tops.

At no point did the condom slip or break, it remained intact.

She Shaved her vagina the night before but at no point to my knowledge our genital areas got so entangled, it was a fully controlled setting.

I stand at a safe distance to avoid her coming back on my genital area, plus I only used enough penis where I can safely monitor the condom so I don't go passed the rim of the condom.

I've read online that the incubation period/ first episode of HSV2 is 2-12days and 2-20days for symptoms to first appear. I even read somewhere it took 6weeks but the body of info has not truly support this claim

Its been 35days/5weeks, to my knowledge she has not reported any real HSV2 related symptoms,

No tingling
No burning
No redness
No genital outbreaks or any complications in her genital area.

The only issues she's having is on and off Headaches/Migraines yesterday being her worst and fatigues

She suffers from depression and stress so its hard to find a ruling on symptoms, basically she has her good days and bad

Question is 35days/5weeks no outbreak to early to rule out herpes2

Should I monitor the situation and take further action

I made a mistake God knows I cry myself to sleep every night I'm at my lowest point, real talk I just want to live my life

Can I safely move on somebody please enlighten me on the subject
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Oh hon, we've been over this. You literally protected everything, and then some, and I don't know how else I can explain it than what I already have.

The average time of symptoms from point of infection is 2-20 days.

Even if you hadn't covered yourself like you did, the chances of her getting herpes from you using a condom are slim. You took extraordinary precautions. I can't imagine how she'd have gotten infected.

You are only infectious from your genitals. You didn't need the shirt, didn't need to cover your neck with it, etc. YOU ARE FINE. SHE IS FINE.

PLEASE talk to your doctor about your mental health. This level of stress and anxiety is not good for you. You don't have to tell him about herpes - though if he doesn't know, he should so he can prescribe you some valtrex or acyclovir which might ease your mind - but talk to him about your anxiety. Please.

If you want to read over all of our other conversations, you can find it all here - https://www.medhelp.org/user_posts/list/1981322?personal_page_id=2507168

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Hey miss by chance can I get HIV from this encounter if the female was infected
Listen. You had protected EVERYTHING - every part of you and her was protected. If she has HIV, you didn't get it. The condom stayed intact, it did not break or slip. You were at NO RISK for ANYTHING.

Please consider talking to your doctor about anxiety.

I am actually plus its been 40 days since the situation and the girl seem Fine just as u said said so I'm taking it a day at a time, thanks for everything these past few weeks I lost everything
What have you lost?

I'm assuming you still have a house/apartment/wherever you live?

I'm assuming you still a job, if you had one before?

Food? Clothing? Family? Friends? Your car, if you had one before? Your health?

Be careful to not catastrophize this. If you did lose something, you still have things left. The words we choose are important.

(As always, not judging, and everything I say is with compassion.)
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