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HSV2 vs. Shingles


I am very worried I may have HSV2 (genital herpes). I am a 29 yr old male and about a week ago I noticed I had a cluster, about an inch and a half in diameter, of some itchy red bumps on my lower back. I figured I had gotten repeatedly bit by a spider. About two days later I noticed an elongated line of similar itchy "bites" in my left pelvis area in the front of my body.

I showed my mother this and she said she thought it was shingles. I have a doctor in the family so I texted him pictures of my symptoms and he too told me he thought it was shingles and put me on 800mg of Acyclovir. About two days later after that I noticed I had what looked like about 20 or so reddish bumps starting to appear on the left half shaft of my penis. They're just becoming noticeable but they have dark red centers. Could this be HSV2? I am really worried about this.

I have been sexually active with one female for about 3 months now. About 7 weeks ago I did have protected sex with another female. Before that I had unprotected sex about 6 months ago. Since it started in my back, then front left thigh, then penis, does it seem like shingles or herpes? Also, I had sex with my partner two days before I noticed bumps on my penis and after that encounter I didn't wash up for about 24 hours. Could it then be some type of fungal infection? I also noticed a dry red patch of skin at about the same time.

I would appreciate any help as I am pretty worried about this. Thank you.
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There hasn't been a very firm diagnosis of this at all. Try to get out of the 'think' stage here. This would be a most unusual presentation of herpes moving around to multiple different locations as you describe. This makes me think HSV2 is very unlikely.
Why not obtain IgG blood testing type specific for HSV1 and HSV2.
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Thank you for responding Fleetwood. I hope it isnt HSV2. It is the weekend so I am trying to set up a doctor appointment as we speak. I was trying to get some kind of confirmation before then though.

So it would most likely be shingles? They bumps on my body do have red centers. The ones on my penis seem to not be getting any worse or better. Maybe it is a fungal/yeast infection on penis then?
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Shingles also doesn't usually behave that way appearing and disappearing in multiple spots.

The static nature of your penis bumps also doesn't suggest herpes.

I think you've potentially got a few things going on here and just getting a bit overworked regarding HSV2.
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Well it hasnt disappeared. At least not the ones on the body.

But ok, your reassurance is helping. Thank you, I needed this. I'll try to post what ends up happening.
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