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Headache, fever, body pain, blisters on vagina

Six months ago I had some blisters on my vagina, I went to the doctor and she gave an antibiotic that relieve the pain in like 24 hrs, I took a herpes blood test that came back negativ both igg and igm for HSV 2 and HSV1, so the other day I was beign paranoid about herpes and decided to get a test, also those days I was sick with another simptoms, (headache, fever, body pain, etc.) I even tought it was covid but the test was negative.
So my results were
HSV 1 - igg 0.90 - igm 0.5
HSV 2 - igg 0.93 - igm 0.6

The lab tech and a few doctors told me that I was negative, also I haven't had any herpes sympthom since that last time 6 month ago, this gave a lot of anixiety, could someone help me?
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Your hsv1 is negative.

Your hsv2 IgG is just barely over the line into equivocal, which I would also call negative. The technical cut off to positive is 1.10, but most experts, the CDC, etc., feel that's way too low, and we know now that many results under 3.5 are false positives.

Whatever caused your sores 6 months ago, it wasn't herpes.

And make them stop giving you IgM tests. They are unreliable, and are designed to only look for new infections, which wouldn't apply to you anyway. They should only be done on newborns. Your IgG is negative, and that's what matters.
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I'm really anxious that I contracted HSV-2 from a new partner who I've been sleeping with since november, idk his status and we always hace sex with condom but I have give him oral sex and the idea that the results are from a new infection and the antibobies are just developing it's giving me a ton of anixiety, do you think I should to re test in a few weeks just to be shure?
Also a friend who is a doctor told me that maybe since I was sick when I was tested could altered my antibobies and that's why it was a high number, is this posible?
First, your test numbers aren't high at all. I know they seem high, but I've seen them into the 30s and higher. If it helps, no one ever gets an actual 0.00 on the test. There's some background noise, so to speak, on the test, so there's no true zero results. You could get a .8 or a .08, and you are just as negative either way. It's also not an actual measure of antibodies. If you had herpes, you could get a 5.7 or an 8.7, and it means nothing, other than you are positive. You don't have more of an infection, or more antibodies, or more outbreaks.

Herpes rarely goes from the genitals to the mouth. It can easily go from the mouth to the genitals, but not the other way around. We don't really understand why, but that's just how it behaves. If someone with oral hsv1 gives you oral sex, you could get genital hsv1. The number indicates the strain of the virus, not the location.

Having sex with a condom offers significant protection, but not total. Have you asked him to test? What about other STDs? If you are giving him unprotected oral, and he has gonorrhea, chlamydia, or syphilis, you could get those orally. Chances are a lot lower than through vaginal sex, but still possible.

If you haven't had an STD conversation with him, you can just let him know that you've been thinking about it, and you'd like him to test. Tell him you recently got tested, and you'd like him to as well, or if you haven't tested for everything other than herpes, then you can do that together.

Being sick won't alter your test results, but there is a protein in the blood that sometimes gives people a false positive - you don't have that, though. Yours is barely equivocal. You can test again, but if you do, have your partner test, too. You know you didn't get herpes from your stuff 6 months ago, but since it can take up to 12 weeks to develop antibodies, you don't know if you have a more recent infection from your current partner. If he's negative now, assuming he hasn't been with anyone except you since Nov., and you're also negative, then you're fine.

Well it's not exactly my partner we only had sex like 3 or 4 times since november, I think I'm just beign paranoid, I haven't had sex without condom since august and been really carefull with that, do you know why some doctors tell you that you are positive with such low results?
Because doctors are absolutely terrible at understanding herpes. To be fair to some of them, especially if they are general practitioners, they have to keep up with a LOT of different conditions, and STDs often aren't the priority.

They don't understand how to read the results, or what tests to run, and they have no idea that experts think that anything below a 3.5 (which we've known since before 2015) could be a false positive.

There are a lot of people in this forum just like you who don't understand their test results because their doctors don't.

But your doctors said you were negative, correct? That's a good thing. They even did IgG testing, which is also good. A lot of doctors only do the IgM testing, which is terrible. So yours aren't so bad. :)
A doctor told me that I was negative, another told me that I was exposed to the virus and another that I was positive, idk what to believe :( and some lab techs told me that I was negative
Also just a few minutes ago another doctor told me that another treatment for fungus that I'm taking could altered my test too, I feel I'm not gonna have peace until I re take the test :((
Update: so I went to a new doctor and she also told me that the fungus treatment could altered my test, and since I was 0.1 igg in august and I had no risky contact maybe I was not infected
Stop talking to so many different doctors, firstly. It's going to make you crazy. Find one doctor that is knowledgeable about STDs, and stick with that one.

There is no such thing as "exposed" to the virus, as in you were exposed and then fought it off or something. You either have it or you don't. Don't go back to that doctor, at least for your sexual health.

There is no medication that affects the test to give you false positives - which you did NOT have - so don't go back to that doctor for your sexual health, either.

Listen, and really hear me on this - you didn't have a positive test. I'm not sure why you think you were infected. You were barely over the line for equivocal, which means they can't tell, it's indeterminate. You had no real risks, so chances are excellent that you don't have it. Even if you tested with a 1.8 or something, which is over the positive line, you'd have about an 85% chance of that being a false positive.

I see no reason for you to retest, or to assume this is positive.

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Sorry for the bad english btw it were not blisters it were some other type of lessions, also in the past months I always had sex with condom and usually avoided oral sex
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