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Hello, Again.

Hi Grace,

I'm back!  Although not on the best terms.  Its been awhile though, just about a year since I last posted.  If you recall, I had a genital yeast infection, but was worried it was herpes until I had a blood test done.  When I got diagnosed with a yeast infection in February of last year, I was prescribed 2% Ketoconazole cream by the dermatologist that I applied for 8-10 weeks.  When I stopped applying the cream, I had no symptoms whatsoever for 6 months (it was beautiful, I was finally normal!).  It might be important to note that these 6 months were Spring through Fall.

Unfortunately, in mid-November I experienced an upper respiratory virus that really hit me hard, and after the virus symptoms disappeared I began experiencing yeast infection symptoms once again.  The symptoms started with a retraction of the testicles (in that the sac was ALWAYS scrunched up), and the skin was leathery, red, and I experienced a tingling / prickling sensation when walking.  I contacted my dermatologist who once again prescribed me 2% Ketoconazole cream, which I applied for another 7-8 weeks until instructed to stop.  The day after I stopped treatment, symptoms returned full force.  Everything got red, on the testicles and the penis.  The skin not only turned red, but scaly and leathery, finally peeling off in the form of flaky dry skin after a few days.  Again, these are symptoms I experienced before, so I'm almost entirely sure its fungal (yeast).  It may be important to note that its a very cold winter here, and has been snowing often in the past few weeks.  

That brings us to the present.  I once again contacted my dermatologist, and the earliest appointment I can get is two weeks from now.  In the meantime, my dermatologist prescribed me a 14 day regimen of Fluconazole 200 mg.  This is day 7 of my treatment.  The reason I'm writing on this board is that I'm at my wits end, and didn't know where else to turn.  The first few days of treatment seemed promising, the sac was not scrunched or leathery and the skin appeared normal in color. I felt normal when I walked.  As day 6 and 7 came around, the sac began to retract more often and the skin began to prickle.  As of today the sac has remained scrunched and leathery all day, prickles often when I walk, and has gotten progressively redder as the day has gone on.  

I have no idea what to do.  For the past 2 and half weeks, I've been taking a probiotic (acidopholous pills, 3 billion culture per pill), and I just started taking concentrated garlic extract pills last week.  I've also been avoiding excessive sugar intake, which I do on a normal basis anyways.  For the past year or so I've been using perfume and dye free detergent, and wearing 100% cotton underwear.  I exercise 5--6 times per week for an hour each time, but shower and dry quickly after.

I'm sincerely concerned.  Its been way too long that I've had to deal with this yeast infection.  Topical Ketoconazole cream appears to alleviate symptoms while I use it but not cure the infection.  Although I'm not yet done with the 2 week Fluconazole regimen, I am starting to lose faith in its ability to cure the infection.  How can the Fluconazole help with symptoms for the first half, then stop working thereafter?  What else can I do?  I'm taking probiotics, supplements, avoiding sugar, and keeping the area clean.  Why can't I kick this infection?  I really don't want it to go systemic.  Sorry if I'm ranting.  I'm at my breaking point.  It's starting to affect the rest of my life, I can barely motivate to go to class and do homework.  Do you have any suggestions?  I'm making an appointment with my universities health center tomorrow but they usually tell me to see a dermatologist.  

Sorry for the long post.  Hope everything is well on your side.

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really nothing I can do to help you with this. this isn't a herpes related issue.  perhaps post about it on the men's health forum to see if others there have issues with jock itch?

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