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Help. Opinions on herpes..

Help.. I'm now 20, and I'm sexually active. I'm currently on birth control, and have had unprotected sex (last time a week ago), the only sex that i've had in the last year has been with the same partner, frequently unprotected. Immediately after sex, and a few days following, there was soreness, I assume from trauma/roughness. In the last 2 days i'm now pained with ulcer like spots on my labia, and inside of my clitoris hood. Some of them painful, some, not as much. The most painful one has the appearance of staph infection. I have had many cases of staph infection, in several locations on my body in the last few years, last spot being under my bottom, top of my thigh. The spots were not in clusters, they are spread out & mostly in folds. I've had previous problems with dryness, and some itch due to that, so that might be relevant here. Having some swelling in lymp nodes in hips, which also happened with staph as well..As it is Saturday, I have not visited a Doctor but most likely will when they open on monday. In the mean time is there anything I can do to prevent the pain? I have antibiotics for staph, do you think that could improve the situation? Also, I'm not sure if birthcontrol could help or hurt. Please help. I don't think its herpes or anything,  but I will find out for sure soon. I just need advice for the meantime..
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Anyone? I have pictures. I'm not sure if its similar to other people's experiences with this stuff..
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