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Help blister jn my vaginal area, but I'm a virgin

  Hi, I'm a young female never had any type of sex, last time I touched (kissed) someone was a while a go. I've had my period for a couple of years and used tampon twice. I've just got off my period but used pads. When I wear a tampon and move or sneeze it "pushes" and it feels like there's a cord ripping. Anyways, two days after my period ended u felt the same pushing feeling. It hurt to walk it burned to sit it bothers me. So I pulled out a mirror and inside my vagiana there's a pimple? Like what is that? I couldn't see very well but it was red with a white tip. I was so scared is it herpes STDs but I never had sex or sexual contact. I check a few hours later and there no white pointe its are bleeding a bit. So I was like pimples come from stress and I currently have fever so I'm stressed that I'm getting close to finals and I'm a dancer so I'm scared I'm missing too many rehearsals, but Yesterday I checked cause it bothers me to sit and it's a blister? Like what is it I'm frescking out. I do wear a thong so maybe the strings rubs that spot and it creates that blister, I'm a dancer so maybe the tights rub there and create blisters. No clue but it hurts a lot when I sit or squeeze my legs together. Today I look and it's smaller I mean it wasn't big to begging with but it still burns like crap when I use the bathroom and clean myself or whatever. I don't want to tell my mom and then go to a doctor so someone please help me. What is it???? Can I get herpes or STDS without having any sexual contact??? I'm freacking out
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Hi, without unprotected sex, a person cannot get any STD including herpes in the genital al area.. Apears as a simple pimple but dont be asshamed to talk to your mother about this.
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Thank you, are you sure it's not herpes. I don't know much about it his but I was researching and people said u can get herpes even if u haven't had any sexual contact.
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Then do you know what it could be?
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