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Hepes or STD concern or over reaction due to guilt

On Jun 17th I had unprotected oral and anal with a stranger... followed by a peroxide gargle and diluted peroxide enema (just to cleansed).  I shaved my pubic area a short time after that and on the July 4th weekend I noticed a small pimple (thought ingrown hair) on my genitals, freaked out a little and started doing searches online.  Got totally freaked out thinking I had gotten an STD or something.  Over did it on Azithromycin for about a week and a half (three separate 2g doses).  Pimple disappeared during.  Then on July 15, got my typical hemorrhoids during the packing up of my house for a move.  July 23rd I got a major sore throat (no signs of sores or lesions) and my tonsils were killing me for about two weeks along with what I hope is just hemorrhoids.  The sore, red throat slowly went away after about 10 days, but still feels scratchy under my tongue near my right tonsil and down in the pharyngeal area.  Pain, itching and bleeding still occurring with the hemorrhoids, but started feeling better after passing a large clot.  Still a sharp pain during bowel movements, but hoping it is healing up.  I have had no signs of lesions, sores or warts anywhere that I can tell; just lighter skin and some itching around my rectum and occasionally a tingling feeling on my genitals. (Moved into a house with a pool and spending a ton of time in the water.)  No burning when urinating or discharges from the penis.  I have carefully watched my stool to make sure there is no discharge outside of my norm from the hemorrhoids.  My question is do you think these odd symptoms are possibly herpes (HPV / HSV1 or2) related or genital warts or am I just being overly reactive?  I am also HIV+ (undetectable) and have pulled my prior lab tests and I don't see where a prior test has been given to determine if I've ever had either in my system or not.
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I highly doubt this is from any std. You can test for hsv at twelve weeks and syphilis at 6 weeks
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