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Heroes or just bug bites?

About a month ago I received oral for a guy who told me he had herpes. It had been a month since this happened and I haven’t had any symptoms since. Yesterday I noticed some strange bumps on the upper oart of my thigh towards the outside. There is many small bumps clustered and then a few that seem to trail off which are bigger. The bumps all kind of itch the bigger more spread out ones more than the little ones. They have not blistered or scabbed and don’t apear to have fluid in them. It almost kind of looks like a big got caught in my pants and bit a bunch in one area then traveled away but I have never seen anything quite like it before. I’m just slightly concerned and want some opions. This would be a first time out break if in fact it is heroes which seems a bit odd since it’s on my leg. I’m also wondering how long it typically takes for an out break to blister and the pain level of most outbreaks and does it generally itch. Also wondering what it takes to be tested, would I have to have blood drawn?
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