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Herpes - primary or recurrent?

Here is my situation. Last week I spent a day at the beach in direct sunlight (something I don't often do) and that night, kissed and performed oral sex on a girl I met that night. In the next few days I developed what I believe was a small cold sore under my lip, which healed in about 6 days. I also had a lingering mild sore throat during this time. Then, exactly 1 week after I kissed the girl, my sore throat returned more noticeably, and what I believe will be a new sore has now appeared in a different location, further away from my mouth. Right now it has a white dot surrounded by redness (not a pimple). With both sores, very mild tingling, no pain.

I really can't tell if I've had these cold sores before or not. Also, I've been in multiple relationships where there was kissing and oral sex, and never had a cold sore outbreak, or gave someone cold sores, to my knowledge. I did date a girl who had cold sores about 8 years ago, but nothing occurred there either.

My question is, does this situation sound more like a primary outbreak due to kissing (I saw no open sores on the girl, but I know due to viral shedding I can still get HSV1), or does it sound more like a recurrent outbreak triggered by the excessive sunlight? I know that the IgG test will be the best way to confirm this, but that won't be for some months to get the best accuracy, and I'm very concerned about passing this on to someone before then. I know most adults have it, but I've been with someone recently and no symptoms occurred, which could easily mean I didn't have HSV1 until now. Should I refrain from kissing people until I get my IgG test?

Thank you.
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This would almost undoubtedly be a recurrent outbreak of HSV1 if it is indeed herpes.

No need to wait for testing as this will be a long term infection, you can test now.

No need to stop kissing or any activity, only if you have a cold sore do you need to abstain. Otherwise this is a universal risk and something 70% of the population has.
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OK, I will get tested sooner. Thank you.

Out of curiosity, what about my description of the cold sores makes it sound like a recurrence? What would be different about a primary outbreak?
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Multiple widespread lesions would be expected, not one tiny one that heals within 6 days.
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I now appear to be getting the beginning of cold sores on my upper lip (just bumps and a little redness), after the first two have healed. Is it possible that the sores come and go like this over several weeks?
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Yes, particularly during periods of stress and sun exposure for example.
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OK, thanks. One more question: is it possible for a cold sore to leave a scar? The area of my skin where my first cold sore appeared a few weeks ago has left a pinkish-grayish mark that won't go away.
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Sometimes the scabs take a long time to fade, but they usually do.
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