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Herpes, Cellulitis, something else?!

Hey guys,

In the beginning of june my boyfriend (at the time) was hospitalized for cellulitis and some sort of fungal infection in his groin area.  They believe this was triggered from the mrsa he was diagnosed with 2 years prior when he was in the military. His started off with small itchy bumps that eventually opened up and were oozing a little bit.  A few days after he was hospitalized, I began to develop small itchy bumps down there.  I thought that he had passed what he had along to me since we had all the same symptoms. I went to the ER since it was scaring me, and they did a culture of the area. They told me that I had tested positive for herpes. I'm just really confused if this can be true or not. A lot of stuff that i've read has said that herpes tests look for high levels of igG. I also read that fungal infections/outbreaks can cause higher levels of igG making a herpes test positive.  Supposedly doctors never actually see the herpes virus itself, they just can look at the igG or igM levels or the antibody count? With my ex being in the hospital for a week, multiple cultures, tests, and observations being done, don't you think if he had herpes they would have been able to identify that?  He claims that he had no knowledge of having herpes either. I spent that full week with him in the hospital night and day and heard everything the doctors were saying. Not once did they mention herpes. Is it possible that I contracted the fungal infection that he had, which raised my igG levels, giving me a false positive herpes test? I'm looking for any hope that there is because I can't bare the thought of having an std. It makes me feel so dirty, even though if i have it, it was from my boyfriend. People have such a negative outlook on herpes.  But I used to be the same way.. automatically saying that if someone had it they were a dirty **** who has sex with everyone. Now I know that's not the case.  

Do you think there is anyway that I could have had a fungal infection which raised the igG levels in the herpes test, resulting in a false positive? When I went to the ER for the "outbreak" it was mid june. I haven't had any problems since then. My "outbreak" was also no where near to the pictures you find online. It was way less severe.  That's why I didn't think that was even a possibility when I first went to have it looked at.

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If they did a culture of the actual blister and it came back positive for herpes then it's herpes. It has nothing to do with a blood test, right?
Mine never was like those pictures either. They need to add more pictures to the internet sites.
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Ugh. True I guess. I just don't understand how nothing about herpes came up for him in all the cultures and tests they ran when ours had the same symptoms. This is so depressing.
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correct - you had a lesion culture from the sounds of things that came back as  + for herpes.

your partner will need type specific herpes igg blood testing to know his own status.   odds are he's never been tested for herpes either blood testing or a lesion culture of symptoms

did they tell you if you have hsv1 or hsv2?

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This recently happened to me also i had a blood test that tested positive for herpes n never had an outbreak..the Dr said i have hsv1 but i also tested positive for mrsa...Idk if it's a false positive for hsv because of the mrsa or not...i feel as if my life is ruined
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