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Herpes? Folliculitis? Ingrown Hair?

I was recently intimate with a gal who not long ago tested positive for HSV (not sure if it's 1 or 2).  She's not on suppressants, but we did use condoms.  About 2 days later I experienced a notable itch in the lower half of my inner right thigh.  The following day, a small, red, pimple-esque growth appeared.  Very small with a tiny whitish-yellowish head.  It's only mildly irritable, but noticeably sore with occasional burning.  The following day (today), another one appeared maybe eight inches south, on the side of my knee-cap.  Same qualities; feels like a bug bite, looks like a pimple.  They are both lone, and not close enough to each to consider them any sort of cluster.

Also notable:  

- the aforementioned woman did not appear to have any sort of visible outbreak.

- the day of the encounter, I'd also trimmed my body hair.  Not all the way down to the skin, but with an electric trimmer.  the area in question included.

- Winter climate has my skin awfully dry at present as well, especially in my upper leg region.

-  These pimples do not surround a singular hair, as many hair-related conditions suggest, albeit in a hairy region.

I will be unable to see a doctor for at least a week but am worrisome at the possibility herpes.  What are the odds this is herpes vs. a hair-related issue such as folliculitis or ingrown hair?  

Thank you for your time and feedback.
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