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Herpes?? Or STD ???????

I received oral sex from a stranger with a condom on but I noticed that the condom was sliding almsost off but never uncover the head of my penis, she also gave me a handjob with some oil lube but I have noticed slight irritation hours later could this be a STD or anything serious or could this be my Anxiety acting out ????
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Questions like yours have been answered repeatedly on this site by the community and by the experts. Believe those answers; they are accurate.

No std would cause symptoms within hours. It would take at least 2 days before onset of any symptoms. Your symptoms are probably due to trauma caused during the encounter or maybe even an allergic reaction to the lubrication or condom.

Additionally, unprotected oral sex is safe sex. Not completely risk free, but much much safer than unprotected vaginal or anal sex. Protected oral sex, even with condom slippage as you describe, is for all intents and purposes, risk free. You did not catch anything from the encounter that you describe. I don't like to ever say "never", but the odds would be exceedingly low, like one in a million. It's just not likely.

Good luck.

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Thank you for your reply , I am 4 days since having sexual intercourse and the skin right below my penis head feels irritated it does not itch or nor I see any lesions or blisters, Donyou have any idea could cause this or what I can use to help resolve the situation?? Please you let help would be greatly appreciated
I'm no expert but went through something similar. You are probably nervous and anxious. Your brain may be constantly focusing on that specific area and when that happens you'll notice every little sensation in that area. It sounds like you're alright and clean but your nerves are getting to you. Anxiety plays a lot of tricks on your mind. Try to relax the best you can.
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