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Herpes, Shingles, folliculitis? What in the world is this.. (pictures)

I had sex with somebody a few months ago and the first week after, I noticed a few very unusual bumps on my thigh which looked like folliculitis. Another few weeks later, I had the same looking white headed pimples underneath my left armpit. My scrotum began to itch every day with no rash or anything. A month later, my buttocks breaks out.

and finally another month later, my back suddenly has it now too - http://i66.tinypic.com/17fhc7.jpg

These bumps do not itch or cause any pain. Only my scrotum and sometimes my anus still itches with no rash or bumps anywhere on the genitals. Anti-fungal creams don't seem to work. The person I slept with tested positive for HSV2 and I know you can get it anywhere on your body, but having it start on my thigh to armpit to buttocks to back seems to be really odd. Plus the outbreak on my back is by far way worse than the initial outbreak I had on my thigh months ago.

I'm of course going to get tested but want to see if anyone might recognize some patterns here and tell me if this even sounds like herpes or something else. Thank you so much!
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I also used condoms with this one and only sexual partner I had so maybe that explains why I don't have it on my genitals. Still strange why it itches with no rash though while the red bumps on other parts of my body don't.
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They look to me to be just pimples that mainly arise from chemical imbalances in your body and skin. Unhealthy eating will typically be the cause. That's just omne thought, but see your doctor if you have concerns.
This is absolutely nothing to do with herpes!
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Paul I've had similar "lesions" on my back. I'm 7 mos. out from an hsv1 possible exposure and in addition to this have had consistent redness irritation on one spot on my penis head, swollen L armpit lymph nodes, pubic fullness, itchy anus with occasional tear, and other neuropathy type symptoms. Problem is I tested equivocal twice then negative for hsv1 ever since......not trying hi jack your thread but I can relate as my bumps looked the exact same
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