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Oct 3. My girlfriend and i had sex for the first time. We did everything but anal. It was mostly unprotected until the last 10mins. I used trojan man fire and ice and she rarely uses condom.
We both got tested in the past and were both clean. Std free.

Couple days later  she tells me that she's in pain, itching and some blistering in her vagina. We were guessing that she could be allergic to the condom.

Oct 16. She gets checked and the doctor said that its herpes. We both never had the symptoms of herpes. Now were both wondering how she got it if none of us had it. *were waiting on her test result*
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Hi, did the doctor say it was herpes or did he test? 2 days is not inside the window period for herpes outbreaks for a week or so.
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Yea the doctor looked at it and she said it is. They took a cotton swab test now were just waiting for the result.

I don't know if this matters but.. i haven't had sex for a year and she hasn't for a month. And the past guy she had sex with was also clean.

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Also she should take a blood test.and if her past partner never had any genital sores at any time of sex, the risk would be close to zero that this is herpes.
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Just a thought but lets say i did have herpes but had no symptoms is there a chance that i passed it to her?
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