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Herpes Cold Sores

I know every doesn't experience the same symptoms and this may be a stupid question, but what does a cold sore look like? When I think of cold sore, I think of a blister/bump that pops and then crust up. In the past my lips were really chapped, cracked corners, and then blisters formed below both corners of my mouth. I popped it, went away, but during that process it never appeared liked any of the pictures of a cold sore that I see online that's related to herpes. Basically, my blisters didn't crust up or anything. It was more like after the blister popped swelling went down and then a new layer of skin formed and the old one just peels off. Kind of like getting cooking oil splash on your skin and then once it heals, it jsut peels off.

Some input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Really when you run into things like this it is best to go to a doctor or a dermatlogist and have them look you over.  They will know what to look for.  They can also culture the lesision to find out if it is herpes.  If you get a repeat of symtoms be seen within 24-48 hrs.
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