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Herpes Concern

So recently I've had a concern over whether or not I have an issue with the Simplex form of herpes on the lip.

Short story is that I made out with a girl on Feb 19th and she preceed to break the skin of my lip. The area got swollen and red; I immediatedly feared the worst. However the swollen area subsided and returned mostly normal.

It is now March 10th and I have recently noticed a small cluster of tiny, really tiny bumps on the area where my upper and lower lips meet. It seems to be more pronounced on i e side than the other. Recently I found out about Fordyce spots and Im more confused than ever.

These bumps/blisters don't hurt (or at least I don't think they do). I've notice spots like these on my scrotum, but never on my face or lips. The timing of it all is leaving me paranoid.

Can I get clearification on herpes and whether or not I may have contracted it? Should I be worried? I know this question is split with dermatology, but I'm a little paranoid. Thanks in advance.
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I forgot to add that they are white and look like tiny lines, like tiny rice marks. I've just never noticed them.
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Hi since they are white you can rule out herpes.
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