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Herpes? Condom broke, inside for a few seconds unprotected, blood present.

I’m just a little confused , so I met an escort about 13 days ago and during our session my condom broke and the head of my Genital was exposed. I  was  roughly  Inside of her for a few second when I felt the rip.after our session and when I got home I noticed blood on the condom. I called her later that night and she told me that she was clean but refused to show me her results. I never had HSV 1 or 2 I tested for it a couple of months back on a  igg blood test and it came out negative.if I was exposed to it now shouldn’t I have shown symptoms by now I read online the incubation period for hsv2 is 2-12 days , and I have had any signs of it at all. I was sick last week but no fever , just a  congested  Nosed and a dry  throat.also I don’t know if this matters but my white blood cell count is normally low so if I was exposed to hsv2 shouldn’t it have appeared by now ? Please help
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I've already explained to you that your chances are really low - https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Herpes/Confused-and-scared-/show/3049080

The head of your penis being exposed doesn't much matter with herpes - it's any of your genital skin coming into contact with your partner's genital skin.

The incubation period for hsv2 is 2-20 days, depending on the source you read, but the average time is 4-6 days, if you get symptoms. Some people don't.

Your unprotected contact was very, very brief. I wouldn't worry about this at all if I were you.

Your partner doesn't owe you her test results. It would be nice if she shared them with you, but she doesn't owe you that. You had casual sex, and knowingly took the risk.
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You right and thanks for the advice, this never happened to me before and this will be a huge life lesson for me .
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