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Herpes Cure, we need one.

Hi, I am 18yrs old and was just diagnosed with the herpes virus this past Thursday. I contracted the virus just a couple weeks prior to that and had an outbreak the following day or so. It was small and seemed to only be a cut, allergic reaction to a new soap, or infection on the lip of my vagina like from shaving but apparently it was more. I also believe as well as having genital I also have oral. I know this is all very personal to be sharing with you as you are a stranger but I have no one else to talk to, i havent told anyonein my family or friends &&my potential boyfriend has voiced that he's not dealing with me in fear of catching this disease. I've been googling like crazy about cures, i do not wish to seek temporary treatment, i need a cure. I want this out of my life. I am very interested in DRACO, it seems believeable. What I do not understand about herpes is: How does herpes survive in the body?. What is keeping it alive?. Why is it that people know where it hides dormant but there is no way to directly attack the virus?. Why can't or is it even possible for our own bodies/immune system to find && destroy the virus? Why is it that cures or vaccine for pox or shingles isnt effective if, so I've read recently, they are very similar viruses?. All I want is a cure &&then a vaccination to follow. I think research is backwards for looking primarily for treatments &&vaccines. Cures &&vaccines should be goals. There are enough treatments out there, no need to create more when people are waiting for a cure &&vaccine. It's a waste of money. &&doesn't give much hope for further advancement if all that is delivered are temporary treatments. Why is it that the antibiotics given don't eventually kill off the virus all together?. Why isnt that possible?. With any other illness besides hiv &&aids antibiotics seem to work. Back again to chicken pox &&shingles, which i've never had. I'm trying not to stress and just have more hope but urgency of this cure doesnt seem to matter to those who only work towards treatments. I can't live like this for the rest of my life, im very affectionate &&would love to have a family of my own one day. If my body builds up its own immunity to the virus then what?. Can it still survive?. I just want answers, nit that i expect anyone to have them all but I need straight-forward answers. I do not want to be babied or directed towards a treatment, I only want a cure. Thank you.
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I am not aware of any cires. I have HPV which turned into cervical cancer. Once you have it is there. You can have the lesions cut but they can always go back. You must always use protective sex even when having oral sex because you will spread it. But right now if you did not get the hpv precention shot you cannot do anything about it except stop spreading it. I had to have a hysterectomy because I got cervical cancer from hpv. It is very important that you have a pap every year. If not caught in time it can kill. But if you go every year to have a pap that can catch it early and prognosis will be good. Sorry hun. But you're stuck with it. Just practice safe sex and see you gyno yearly.
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