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Herpes Exposure

My husband and I were intimate with him giving me oral sex.  9 days later we both took Herpes IgM tests in an effort to ease my OCD when it comes to herpes.  I was tested for HSV 1 & 2 type specific in August 2008 with both tests coming back negative; and again in November with more negative results.  11 days after our sexual encounter and 2 days after our HSV IgM testing I developed blisters in my throat. My throat didn't hurt after the first day and upon examination my doctor thought it looked like strep but my culture was negative.  I asked him about the possibility of herpes and he said he didn't see any cold sores and said that it was most likely herpangina.  The blisters only lasted 7 days and weren't painful even when I ate spicy foods.  When our IgM results came back, mine was negative and my husbands was positive at 1.24.  I was wondering if I should be concerned about having herpes?  My husband is planning to get an IgG type specific test in the next week, but it won't do me any good to get one until March and I am so worried. I have read many posts stating that IgM tests are useless but with the blisters in my throat, I can't help but wonder if his results were right.  I appreciate any help.
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A + igm herpes test is meaningless.

Why so paranoid about herpes in a monogamous relationship?

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My main concern is genital herpes only because my husband and I would like to have more children and I worry about passing it on during childbirth.  Also, my mom got genital herpes from my father who cheated on her often during their marriage.  I have recently been diagnosed with OCD and anxiety that is triggered by germs and the possibility of a herpes infection and have been put on medication for this.  I believe a lot of my fear is based on my father being unfaithful and perhaps I am afraid that the same will happen to me.  
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Are you in therapy for this?  Probably more beneficial to work thru all these fears with a professional than to keep driving yourself ( and probably hubby ) nuts by worrying about  herpes all the time and making you both get retested for it over and over again.

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