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Herpes HSV 2 - Bad Nerve Pain, Urination Issues

I was just diagnosed with HSV 2 (swap test), which I started having symptoms for 3 days after unprotected sex with someone I had slept with previously (without ever having symptoms after previous intercourse). The symptoms however also appeared the day after an injury.

I started taking antivirals (Acyclovir) a week before I got my official diagnosis, however my symptoms got worse despite the drugs, and I got (what I assumed) was pretty bad nerve pain in my legs and groin area. Skin would feel hot around the back of my thighs, and generally sore and irritated, and then pain eventually moved all the way into my toes. I went back to the doctor, again before my diagnosis and got more antivirals as she said these could be prodromal symptoms for another outbreak or postherpetic neuralgia (which she said was rare). While the cuts/open wounds I had cleared up, the nerve pain continued. I then started having issues urinating, but was negative for any UTI or bacterial infections. It got pretty bad, to the point where I could only get a drop out. I also started getting constipated, which has continued up until now. I am able to pee, but it takes a lot of effort, and it hurts. It's been about two and a half weeks now since the first symptom.

Few questions...

1) Are these symptoms signs of a first infection or would I have had it in my system and would my injury have brought it on? A couple of years ago a partner told me he had herpes, but I never had symptoms and tested negative for both strains (blood test) at the time. (I got tested 4 weeks after I last slept with him at the time). I have never in my life had anything like this before, I feel I would have noticed. I know it's hard to tell, but I wanted to get more of an idea how I got this. The guy I slept with this time reacted very strangely when I told him I had it - he said he never had it, but didn't seem concerned at all. Did not ask me a question about it either, which, having been through it myself years ago, seemed an odd reaction if you are concerned for your own health.
2) My doctor said the nerve pain and urination issues were not a normal symptom - are they?

Would appreciate some input while I try to get my head around this all!


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I would think you have just been infected. I imagine your partner will test positive through a blood test.

It's not clear whether the other symptoms are related, they may be. The antiviral and your body should resolve herpes related symptoms within a couple of weeks. I'd keep going a little longer and see if the symptoms clear otherwise return to the doctor.
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Please email me I can help answer any questions about herpes my email is: haydee.***@****
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I was diagnosed with hsv2 (genital) 4 months ago my first outbreak was the worse.. I take acyclovir when I'm on outbreak I know some people who have herpes and have had painful and long outbreaks please email me I can help you :)
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