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Herpes OB

So back in june, I noticed red spots inside my vagina. it was very painful. my dr prescribed me 1g valtrex for a week. it didnt go away. i went to a dermatologist and she said that the valtrex 1g should have worked and she doesnt believe its herpes.she gave me diflucan 150 and it went away. 2 weeks later it came back. i was now convinced its herpes. i went to an obgyn and she saw lots of discharge and told me i have yeast.  i took diflucan again. it went away. again it came back, burning sensation, stinging. my lesions are in the same place inside my labia minora. she tested me for herpes and im positive for hsv1. i dont get any outside my labia minora or on my labia majora. this has been going on for 4 months. now im having alot of cloudy white discarge. im not sure if this is a yeast infection/ herpes ob. Im going back to my dr in a week. as for now im stuck. Any advice?
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