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Herpes Peripheral Neuropathy ?

Hi- I was diagnosed with both HSV & HPV which causes cervical cancer earlier this year, (was quite shocked.)  My doctor explained different types of HPV and said that it could be possible I also had the type which caused genital warts. I had a second Herpes outbreak which lasted a couple of months, (and  started thinking she misdiagnosed it and thought it was genital warts). I had Aldara cream prescribed for warts on my hand at home and tried it a few times in that area.  A couple weeks later I started having all sorts of serious problems; tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, muscles stiffening up, now having muscle twitching and pain in my legs.  I am fearful this may be a result of using the Aldara cream and have since read horrific reviews.

I have seen a Neurologist and had tests done; lost sensory in feet. MRI's did not show anything significant. He did prescribe Methyl Prednisone which has helped my symptoms for a couple weeks but now they are back again. He also referred me to an Infectious Disease doctor who ordered specific blood tests.  I had blood tests done previously by my primary doctor which did show the ANA test was positive.  So he is retesting the ANA for Lupus and also for Peripheral Neuropathy.  At this point I am very scared and not sure if these are symptoms from the Herpes or a result of trying the Aldara cream.  I was recently prescribed Acyclovir 400mg 3xday and have been taking it for about 5 days.  Has anyone experienced similar symptoms from Herpes, Peripheral Neuropathy?  Any suggestions?

Thank you

Thank you
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Hi Shana -

Was just confimed as having HSV 2 this weekend and have been dealing with neuropathy related issues prior - have done a bit of research into this and it would seem the HSV could cause the things we are experiencing (although currently in my case it mostly and primarily attributed to a bad flu vaccine reaction that I had in Dec) However, since it is a disease of the nerves it may produce some irritation etc...

Grace will hopefully provide additional info on this - for now, just know that you are not alone.

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genital herpes recurrences will not last for months at a time.

how were you originally diagnosed as having genital herpes? what testing did you  have done?

did you have an abnormal pap and hpv testing or just test + for hpv on  a pap?

when hsv causes systemic issues , it's typically with the newly acquired infections, not from an infection you have had for a few months or longer. Even at that, the incidence of that occurring is incredibly small.  I'd approach whatever is going on as being totally separate from your hsv and hpv to be honest. So many viral infections can cause issues and we can't really test for them easily to figure it out quickly. Continuing to follow up on this with your neurologist is in your best interest.  


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I was diagnosed with hsv through a blood test, and had an abnormal pap & later a biopsy which showed minor displasia from hpv.  

I will be following up with my doctor regarding the recent blood tests and hopefully will get some answers.

Thanks for your help..
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