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Herpes? Please help

I went to get a massage and at the end the lady decided to touch my penis. I didn’t want her to stimulate me but she was persistent and probably touched it 4-5 times. After I went to shower and now (3days later) I have a weird slight burning sensation on the right side of my penis just under my head. It’s persistent. I have no discharge or sores. It doesn’t hurt to urinate at all. Just kind of a dull burn. I’m afraid it might be Herpes. The massage lady didn’t touch herself at all and then touch me but she did use an oil in her hands. I don’t know what to do because I’m married and I’m up all night with anxiety. The first two nights I didn’t have the burn at all and today I had it. Please help
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Hi From what you describe you had zero risk to contract any std esp herpes.
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I wiped some hand sanitizer on my penis after to avoid. I’m reading the that it might cause a burn or rash. I just don’t know why it came about a day and a half later. Can you steer me in the right direction on what you think is causing the irritation? Thanks for the answer.
Yeah, hand sanitizer isn't meant to be used on the genitals. There was absolutely no risk of any STDs here.

Could you have some anxiety that is causing that sensation? Are you checking it a lot? Maybe you're just causing some irritation. Maybe you had something on your hands when you checked that is causing irritation.

Seriously, leave it alone, stop checking, keep yourself busy, and if you still feel it in a few days, see your doctor. My guess is that it's just anxiety, guilt or irritation or a reaction to the hand sanitizer - though a day and a half later is odd, for sure.

There's no risk for STDs here at all. :)
Thank you for your answer. I put some Vaseline on there and the burning subsided a little. But now I’m at work and the edge of my penis and just below the where the burning was, are just getting irritated when rubbing in my pants. Could I have a reaction from the oil she used? It just feels like it’s dry and I’m rubbing it unintentionally as I walk in my underwear. Let me know. I appreciate your responses. Also if it was herpes… would I get a burning sensation and then see the sores coming? If so how long after the burning sensation will I see them or expect to see them?
Prodrome, or warning signs that outbreaks are coming, only lasts a day, tops.

Listen, I'm not a guy, don't have a penis. Forgive me if this is an uninformed female response, but can you adjust your penis so that spot isn't rubbing? Or is it always going to rub, based on location and seams?

I don't know what it is - maybe the oil, maybe the hand sanitizer, maybe the combination. Maybe that spot just got hit with a lot of both. :(
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