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Herpes Questions pls help

As you can read my other posts. I've being having a hard time.
Its been 11 days from the encounter. I'm going to the psichiatric MD to help me pass the anxiety and fears. I've been little bit better, because he gave some medication to calm down.

I made some tests and i got negative for everything instead herpes 1. (including HIV, sifilis, hepatitis). My doctor told me that was not necessary to test chalmydia or gognorrea.
I understand that Herpes 1 is the typical that you catch from kissing, drinking, etc (normal life) form yout dad, mom, friends, etc.
1) Does this protects or give additional protection from herpes 2?
2) Is it a way to know prior exams if you have herpes 2?
3) For example, Symptoms should appear when? are they painful?
4) what are the odds of getting this kind of herpes?

thank you
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I'm so sorry that I overlooked your post, it was way down on my list, and usually the new ones are at the top.

1.  HSV 1 does not protect you against HSV 2 but it would make the acquisition of HSV 2 more likely to be without symptoms.

2.  I'm not sure what you mean by this.  If you had previous tests for HSV 2 and they were negative, then you didn't have HSV 2 when the testing was done, unless you acquired it 4 months or less before the test was done.

3.  IF people are going to have symptoms of herpes when they get it, and not every one does, they would appear between 2 and 10 days after the sexual encounter.

4.  The odds of getting HSV 2 depend on so many factors - frequency of contact, condom use or not, but mostly on the status of the sexual partner.

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