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I recently got my STD blood work done and needed second opinion. Everything came negative except Herpes 2 IgG.

My numbers for Herpes 1 is 0.10 - which is normal, but Herpes 2 (IgG) is 12.40 which is above high normal. I have not had any outbreaks. I wanted to know if IgG could give false positive? Should i get retested or this is conclusive?

My doctor said I don't need to go on antiviral because i have not had any symptoms.

Please help, I am very scared.
Thank you in Advance!
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You can take an antiviral if you have a negative partner - it's not just for outbreaks. Since your number is so high, I'd also believe you are infected.

To learn more about antivirals and transmission, you can read the herpes handbook, which is free and written by one of the world's leading herpes experts - https://westoverheights.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Updated-Herpes-Book.pdf

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Hello.  I believe it’s best to follow the advice of your doctor. When was your last possible sexual exposure form the time you took your test?  The time in which you take your test plays a definitive role in your results.   12.4o is indeed a positive result.  I would be cautious about perceiving  this as a false positive being that that number is high.  Please continue to consult with your doctor or a  True licensed professional for the best course of action!

Hope this helps! Best of luck!
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