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Herpes Risk?

Two days back i was walking on a lonely road at mid night 11.30pm! There were some shemales roaming around i got a muscular physic! Suddenly one of the sex worker who is a shemale hugged me from back i turned over to her she just planted a single kiss on my cheeks she had full of lipstick on her lips! Am worried that with this contact will i have the risk or oral herpes?
Just a 1 sec kiss on cheecks after that i pushed her a side and i washed with water after coming home i washed my cheeks with antiseptic soaps! Plz Help!
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Hi, there was no risk from a simple cheek kiss, takes some rubbing and grinding on the lips to force the virus into the nerve.
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I think she had a clear lips! In which there was no Blisters or sores !! Any ways am pleased to thank u very much!! :) Am free of mind now!
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