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Herpes Scar Removal

I had a primary outbreak of genital hsv1 about 4.5 months ago and it left me with small atrophic scars on the left glans, or head of the penis.  Beyond the psyhcological depression of having the virus, and what it means for a future love life, I have been heavily depressed about this. I know there are laser resurfacing for pearly penile papules, and I was wondering if laser resurfacing was an option for this.  If not is there anything I can do? Microdermabrasion? excsion? anything?! Can I find treatment? Has anyone dealt with this before? Please, help me, I want to feel like me again.
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Herpes, especially genital HSV-1 usually doesn't scar. You should consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon regarding your scars, but you can definitely get laser scar removal on the penis. I suggest seeing a dermatologist in your area who will likely give you something to apply directly on the scars, and if that doesn't work then a dermatologist can laser the scars away. If a dermatologist doesn't want to do it then a plastic surgeon will.

Although I've never known anyone who's experienced scarring from herpes, I have used silicon gel scar sheets on wounds, which improved the scars by at least 80%. You are probably the only one who notices your scars.
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I totally agree with castello about this - it all probably looks more prominent to you than to others. Give the skin time to heal. A basic moisturizer for the genital area isn't a bad idea - a&d ointment would be fine to try.  

certainly don't try anything at home on your own for scar removal. the genital skin is very delicate and many otc scar treatments will just cause further problems in the genital area so do indeed seek out professional help if these still seem too prominent to you in a few months.

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You really cannot be picking at these; this causes unnecessary trauma, which leads to scaring.

The silicon scar gel sheets I used were provided to be by a plastic surgeon after surgery on my cheeks, and although they did reduce the scar by somewhere around 80%, I still got laser scar removal to completely erase the scar. As Grace pointed out, the genital skin is definitely much more thin, sensitive, and delicate, so products that should be used on it will be recommended to you by your dermatologist. Of course laser scar removal can be used on the genitals to treat scars since laser removal is commonly used in removing warts caused by HPV. From my personal experience, laser therapy is not bad at all and involves very little pain after a session of laser treatment although the pain might be a little annoying when the treatment begins (it feels like bacon grease that occasionally splashes up and hits you in the wrist when you're cooking; nothing too painful). This treatment is short, effective, and convenient.

Eucerin is an extremely mild lotion that can be applied to genital skin without problems, so if you choose to get these scars zapped, I suggest next time to avoid scars, use Eucerin and absolutely do NOT pick at these.
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Thanks for the recommendations.  I didn't pick any of the scars and had been applying xerese and eucerin when I was diagnosed.  I had a prolonged exposure in my primary due to a misdiagnosis, that cost me about a week of time.  I would like to think the scars won't be noticeable to anyone else, but they are boxcar atrophic scars on the head and they show as little white spots on the head in this cluster that was there, but most everything else cleared up, (some discoloration on the shaft, but that doesn't bother me as much.  Thanks for your answers, I'll see a dermatologist in a week or so, and he'll probably tell me to wait but it's been almost 5 months so I don't think I'll see much improvement beyond this point.  Thanks for the help. I'll try and be patient before exploring more aggressive treatment.
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oh I'd stop using the xerese on this!! It is only designed for cold sore use and has a topical steroid in it.  topical steroids in the genital area thin the skin over time as well as trigger herpes to be more active.  

you never, ever, EVER have to treat herpes ob's. Not getting diagnosed early into things doesn't make any difference.

your lil white spots actually don't sound like scarring either.
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UPDATE for all those interested who may be searching

Saw the dermatologist.
Laser resurfacing is available and can be done on the penis.  It's done for papules and vitiligo, and he said it could be done for scars on the glans.

He told me that he was encouraged by how much better they looked from last time (I guess if you look several times everyday it doesn't look like much improvement), and said that I should wait 6 months to see how well it heals naturally, and if I still wanted to do it I could. He said it might not be perfect, but not very noticeable to anyone else at that time.
So, I guess it's the waiting game for now, but I'm comforted a little by his examination and the fact that there are options.
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