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Herpes Simplex or HSV-1

Please help! I had protected vaginal sex with an ex-boyfriend of mine who i know to be safe with his partners, the condom broke as soon as we realized we put on another one. There was oral foreplay as well i may have had a cut in my gums from my wisdom teeth coming in. 9 weeks later i ended up in the hospital with severe back pain, high fever, swollen nodes, and ulcers in my vaginal region and mouth. The swab came back positive for an initial herpes outbreak, i understand that these are symptoms of the initial outbreak. The women in the hospital though i may coincidentally be having kidney stones at the same time but she was not certain.She mentioned my ureder was swollen and my white blood cell count was high. I did a 4th generation test at 31 days and it was negative. Could i have been late seroconverting and thats why the symptoms were so severe? Should i take another test to be sure?
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The blood tests look for antibodies the body makes to combat the virus. That's why the recommend testing at 12 weeks from last sexual contact. It takes time to build them. Im not surprised you tested negative at 31 days. The swab test trumps tbe igg blood test as the swab actually found the virus. I have many folks with outbreaks just like you describe and end up in the emergancy room. It's pretty common.
so you believe this is HSV-1 not HIV
Just to clarify sorry im worried i may have contracted HIV and HSV-1..and thats what the blood test was for it was a 4th gen duo negative 31 days after exposure. The blood test was positive for HSV-1 initial outbreak 9 weeks after this incident
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Did you have any symptoms prior to developing lesions? Such as leg pain or flu like symptoms?
with my first lesion i developed the fever right away, i was feeling a little run down the week prior but nothing pressing
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Your hiv test is conclusive. They are accurate passed 28 days. 9 weeks is to long for a primary hsv outbreak though.
there two seperate occurences so that would make sense, would it make sense to get the genital lesions from hsv-1 and still get the mouth ulcers with the primary outbreak?
thank you so much for your help, very very helpful
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You can get hsv1 in both locations at the same time.
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