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Herpes Symptoms

I had a oral sex with another man 4 days ago. It was our second time together.  I performed oral sex on him for about 15 minutes and he performed oral on me for about 5.  We both ejaculated manually.  I also dry humped him without penetration and without a condom.  Masturbation was quite rough but I didn't experience any pain or abrasions.

This evening I noticed a small painless red patch, with a sticky circular center (ulcer-looking), on the head of my penis. I did not feel tired today or experience any other symptoms such as lack of appetite or fever.  I also didn't notice anything wrong in the shower this morning.

It seems to fit all the symptoms of genital herpes down to the incubation period. I have jumped to conclusions in the past.  However, this time I think my luck may have finally run out.

Naturally going out of my mind.  I know you will be diplomatic and say I must go to my doctor but I need some reassurance.  Can you please advise!!  
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i agree that your symptoms sound concerning for genital herpes, yes.
Herpes can be transmitted via oral sex, and then it would likely be HSV 1 genitally, which is really quite a different disease than genital HSV 2 - less likely to be transmitted, less likely to shed virus without symptoms.  
I would encourage you to IMMEDIATELY go and get this swab tested, preferably with a PCR rather than culture.  Although there is no medical urgency to this problem, if you wait to have it swab tested, it may not be accurate.  

Have you ever in your life had a cold sore on your lip?

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Thanks so much, Terri. I went to my doctor and he took a swab and took a blood sample.  He is going to run a full STD blood screening.  On viewing the wound he also doubts it is Herpes and thinks it is probably a mild abrasion.  I will wait for the results.  Since then the wound has healed over, without leaving a crust or scab and is almost invisible now.  My fingers are crossed.  It's weird how I work myself up, time and again. I think it's a manifestation of guilt, regret and self-loathing.
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If the lesion is that healed over, a swab test may not give you accurate results.  And a blood test, if taken too soon, can be inaccurate.  

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